Is there A Safer Alternative to Lindane for Scabies?

Use of Lindane for scabies treatment has been practiced for decades, but recent studies have proven that this cure adversely affects our health.

Until 1970, Lindane was considered to be the most effective medication available for treating scabies. However, over the years it was found that Lindane’s toxic nature could damage the skin and nervous system significantly.

The worst affected were children and pregnant mothers.

As a result, there arose a need to find better and safer alternate to Lindane for scabies treatment.

Petroleum and Sulfur

Switching over from Lindane, chemists discovered that use of petroleum and sulfur was equally effective. It was found to be much safer for pregnant women and children.

Later on, the petroleum solution was combined with topical Permethrin, which is highly effective is relieving the itching from rashes.

Natural oils

Remedies made with natural oils such as tea tree oil with Neem extracts and turmeric show rapid results in controlling and curing scabies infection.   

Oral ivermectin

This perhaps, is a natural paste remedy for scabies with balanced composition of neem and turmeric. According to studies, the remedy is considered as the safest treatment for scabies today.

Dr Scabies

It’s no doubt the best treatment out there for scabies infection. The best thing about Dr Scabies is that it’s completely natural and there are no side effects at all. It’s recommended widely by doctors only because it’s safe and effective both. Dr Scabies is not even as expensive as other over the counter creams for scabies’ treatment.

Dr. Scabies kills scabies completely

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