Is There A Scabies Cream Over The Counter?

Are you suffering from scabies? We know how it feels. The experience gets more confusing and harrowing when you get confusing advice from every corner. From home remedies to pesticides base creams, your mind is forced to deal with the pain and the confusion all at one time.

Most scabicides cannot be obtained without a doctor’s prescription. That’s one problem. So, let’s rule out that treatment option. Your best bet is a good over the counter cream for scabies treatment.

You will hear many people recommend Permethrin cream 5% to you. Even your chemist may want to sell if off to you. But in a hurry for relief, do not end up making a decision that you are likely to regret later.

You also might be told to use Crotamiton cream 10%, with a promise that this cream can provide relief in no time. Check the ingredients and you will see that the main ingredient in these creams is a pesticide.

Do you really want to exposé your body to a mild form of poisoning? That’s your call.

If the infection was detected after the mites got active, you might be told to go for Lindane lotion. But did they also tell you that the chemical in this lotion can attack the brain and the nervous system of the body?

Always look for a treatment that is safe and effective, and do not choose something just because it’s popular. When it comes to Permethrin based products, on reading closely you will realize that they seldom work and there is an equal percentage of people for whom it did produce some results. So the opinion is divided.

We wonder how a cream whose base is a pesticide is recommended for human use. Seems like a one pony trick that has stuck for decades. Any sane person will not risk his health and expose himself or his family to an unsafe drug.

Going for a natural organic product with no side effects makes more sense in this scenario. Dr. Scabies for example is a natural, sulhpur based product that is used by doctors all over. It has as high concentration of completely natural ingredients and comes in the form of soaps, creams and solutions. Since it’s a natural and FDA registered product, it is your best over the counter drug for scabies treatment!

Not all products are created equal. Some are more effective than the others but whether you want to try them one after the other in a series or just pick the best is a decision you have to make.

Do not take our word for it. Try a natural homeopathic based, FDA approved alternative this time. Decide for yourself. 

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