Is This Scabies or Something Else?

is this scabies? scabies rash, scabies itchScabies is a disease caused by tiny mites. They are parasitic and live off the host, and in this case, human beings. However, it is difficult to initially understand whether the rashes are due to scabies or other irritations like insect bites, eczema and other such skin infections and allergies.

Here are some pointers which will help you in identifying scabies rash:

Itching of Skin in Scabies is Different

First and foremost, scabies will give way to terrible itching, which may increase in intensity by many folds at night. The itching, according to most people, is severe. It usually stays on for a longer period of time than normal itches. If it’s not the normal itch that you’re having then you know it’s time to visit the doctor.

You Have to Look For Small Reddish Bumps

An itch on the skin on any part of our body is not so big a deal. But the scabies itch will give rise to small red bumps on your skin (scabies rash). They are actually dug by the female mites to lay eggs. If you’ve found them, then better be alarmed immediately and get yourself treated with Dr. Scabies, an all natural, FDA registered and homeopathic scabies treatment system.

Is it a Pimple? Is it Hives? Or is it Scabies?

The tiny rashes that you have due to scabies do actually look a lot like pimples or hives. The distinguishing part? Well, the scabies rashes mostly appears on the lower portions of our bodies, for example, top of feet, ankles, elbows, wrists, and the like. Appearances on the face, neck or head are unlikely.

Tunnels in between Fingers are Almost Invisible

scabies burrow, scabies itchThe scabies rash usually appears in between the fingers. But it won’t be wise to look for them there. It’s likely that by the time you’re diagnosed with scabies, you’ve already spread the nasty infection to other parts of your body. Scan through the lower portions of your body at first. That’s where the signs are most prominent.

Don’t Freak Out

Winter is bound to bring some itches with it. So don’t get freaked out with one or two itches. May be its just dry weather playing foul!

If the rashes stay around for a longer duration and result in more than two or three incidents of itches, it’s advisable that you get a test done.

Stay calm and try to scratch less on the reddish areas.

Does the Whole Family Have Itching Hands and Legs?

If the itching and rashes have spread from you to the rest in your family, or your friends, then it’s scabies for sure. Also, if you’ve got it from someone who’s having the same problem then it’s almost certainly scabies. Insect bites, eczema and other such rashes and eruptions don’t spread from contact. Scabies can only spread through touch and the mites can remain active for a long period of time. Prolonged touch can spread it very fast.

What’s the Way Out?

There are many, including the home remedies and some unsafe products. One of the best treatments you can completely rely on is Dr. Scabies. This product has been specially formulated for rapid eradication of mites and eggs. Rest assured – there’re no side effects. It’s a natural, safe and effective option.

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