Is This Scabies Re-infestation Or Signs of Healing Merely?

If you have been through the discomfort of scabies recently, you need to know that are good chances to get the infestation again if proper care is not taken. And the worst problem arises when it appears similar to the healing signs. Let’s find out how to differentiate.

Often a number of people are found confused about scabies re-infestation. Actually, it is more common among those who choose for scabies treatment with the pesticide cream. Reason being, even after killing the mites and their eggs, these chemical filled creams can cause itching and redness for weeks due to adverse reaction.

Learning about scabies…

Basically, scabies is said to be one of the most contagious skin infection. Caused by the presence of eight legged parasites beneath the skin, this disease is also known as seven year itch. These mites are microscopic and cannot be detected by naked eye.

While itching is the most common symptom of scabies, however a person with scabies can have blisters and crusts on the different areas of the skin. It will depend on the severity of the condition.  Usually, the symptoms do not immediately show up right away, however, once the mites have infested your skin, you will experience the typical manifestations. It can range anywhere from extreme itchiness to the presence of rash in the various skin areas.

But here it will be worth noticing that symptoms of re-infestation might not be as same as initial problem.

How scabies re-infestation differ from active infection?

Generally, you will experience intense itching with the appearance of rashes which is caused by the allergic reaction to the scabies mites. Usually it affects skin areas with folds like those in between your wrists, waist, fingers, buttocks, and on your elbow. The reaction can take up to few weeks to appear.

However, in case of re-infestation, these signs of re-infestation would appear juts within a few days. Now, the itching wouldn’t be as worse as the real infection. In fact, the rash will be less severe. Reason being, re-infestation is caused by the remaining mites or their eggs beneath the skin surface.

After the mite infestation, your skin is likely to become drier and sensitive. It might also turn allergic to most substances. You might observe creepy crawlies or pin-pricks occurring under skin. It could be a result of the medication as well. The presence of unrelenting nodules and blisters is normal in re-infestation. Along this, you might observe newer burrows on the skin which are certainly a sign of re-infestation.

How to treat scabies re-infestation?

Scabies is certainly curable. Essentially, it is recommended to start away with the treatment as soon as possible, but it is more important to choose a right solution. When it comes to treating scabies, you must go for a more natural option like Dr. Scabies. Being a homeopathic remedy it consists of sulfur and other essential ingredients which help eliminating mites completely. Moreover, it is safe and FDA approved. You can choose it and keep mites at bay!

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