Itching All Over Body, Like Scabies, But Currently No Burrows, Could Be Early Detection?

Patients with a primary infestation display the first symptoms only after three to four weeks. The patient might be asymptomatic for almost a month and hence, the mites go undetected.

It needs to be kept in mind that the period in which the symptoms did not appear, the infected person might have passed on the infection to all the people he came in contact with.

1. The First Symptoms

In cases where the person is re-infected, the first symptoms might appear in few hours itself. The first presentation is in the form of popular, intense pruiritic eruptions that look like an-inter digital designs and are mostly seen along flexural creases.

2. The Itching

Itching is what sets Scabies apart from other skin diseases. It gets very severe in the night and sometimes forces the patient to scratch himself very intensely. The scratching might lead to bleeding and spotting in the bed linen. The rash might appear like red bumps that might not be in the form of any line initially.

3. How to Identify Scabies?

A person needs to recall if he had any exposure to an infected person. Did he visit an area where people are prone to Scabies?

He might first see the pimple like rash on the abdomen, buttocks, arm pits, and genitals. A woman might see rash around the areola and nipples. The men might also see the rash on the genitals. Patients might also sometimes notice thread like, fine lines that can be red, grey or white in color.

4. Consult A Doctor

Scabies is often confused with other skin disease, due to common symptoms. It is best advised to consult a doctor right away and not look for burrows and other symptoms that might appear later.

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