Itchy Bumps Appear and Disappear on My Skin, Is It Scabies?

Itching is caused by body’s allergic reaction to invasion of foreign agents, parasites, their saliva, and fecal matter. Allergic reaction to some specific things, like dust, pollens, flowers, food etc. can also cause red rashes and itching. It’s very common to mistake usual itching with some other disease and vice-versa. People often land in trouble when they fail to mistake scabies itching and red rashes as just an allergy. Therefore, if you doubt that you have received scabies mites, then you need to confirm it by yourself or with the help of doctor. So, it’s advisable to keep in mind some information about scabies:

About Scabies

It’s a contagious skin condition caused by Sarcoptes scabiei, a half a millimeter mite that is hard to spot with naked human eyes. The parasitic mite tunnels into human skin and feeds on it. Commonly, 10-12 mites in any infected person. These mites lay eggs and keep moving underneath skin. If not terminated, these mites can not only keep growing but will also start spreading to others who come into contact with you or your belongings.

Symptoms of Scabies

Severe itching that keep spreading

The chances are high that an individual can distinguish between usual itching and severe and consistent itching caused by scabies mite. Itching is result of body’s allergic reaction to the presence of mite, its eggs, saliva etc. So, if you are experiencing intense itching that started from small portion of skin but continue to grow, the chances are high you got scabies.

Itching doesn’t go away even if you keep digging the skin with your nail all day long. A very typical symptom of scabies is that itching increases at night. This symptom can be called telltale sign of scabies.

Presence of rashes, red bumps, zigzag mark

Another typical sign of scabies mite is appearance of red bumps or red lines. These bumps and lines more clearly visible after you scratch the skin, like you have unearthed them. The bumps are homes to mite’s eggs and zigzag lines are caused due to the tunneling and movement underneath skin. These mites feed on your flesh and move around.

The bumps appear on parts where the skin folds over itself or touches itself on creases. The infection could occur anywhere on body but mostly it attacks space between your fingers, elbow, armpits, writs, thighs, and genital areas. These regions are favorable for the growth of mites.

You see others around you scratching

Scabies is highly contagious and it can transmit from one person to other either by direct contact to the skin of the infected person or with his/her belongings, like cloth, towel, bedding etc.

The mite can hide itself in cloths and bedding and can survive for couple of days, waiting to make contact with a feasible host body. So, if you have got scabies for some time, the chances are high that you would find others moving around scratching their hands or thighs.

Community space sharing or trip to an under-development country

Scabies is more common in under-development nations where population is poverty-stricken, and share crowded living space. It can also be found in nursing homes, hostels, and orphanages where large number of subjects share space and bedding.

These signs confirm infestation with scabies mite and should be attended as soon as possible. It’s curable with very affordable medication.

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