Ivermectin for Scabies? Does it work?

Ivermectin is prescribed by doctors to treat scabies infestation, but it may not work under all situations and also has some side effects. Read on to find out about these.

Ivermectin is a prescription drug taken as a pill to kill scabies mites, but it is not always advised to use it for treating the disease.

Doctors only use it under the following situations:

  • When patients suffer from a severe form of the disease such as Norwegian (crusted) scabies, they are advised to use ivermectin pills in combination with topical skin creams for scabies (such as permethrin). It use often used for treating HIV patients.
  • Patients who detest or are not likely to use topical medication such as creams and lotions are prescribed Ivermectin.
  • Ivermectin is also used of treating people in groups, such as those in nursing homes.

Ivermectin Not Advised For Pregnant Women

Doctors have always advised pregnant women to strictly remain away from ivermectin otherwise chances of having babies with birth defects are higher.

The safety of the drug is also not known for children below the age of 5 and therefore should be avoided.

Common Side Effects of Ivermectin

Knowing the side effects of a treatment is very important for every patient.

They should be able to look for substitutes in case they think they may not be able to cope up with the side effects.

The side effects of ivermectin include:

  • Upset stomach
  • Vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Increased itching and rash for the first few days of the treatment

Why Dr. Scabies Is Better?

Dr. Scabies in comparison to many other treatments for scabies is highly recommended if you’re looking for something natural, with no pesticides and no side effects.

It eliminates the scabies mites and eggs rapidly and also provide effective relief against the itching and discomfort.

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