Kill scabies and other mites using bleach bath or vinegar!

Intense itching, redness, rashes, and blisters are some of the common signs of the itch mite, Sarcoptes scabiei. It is a highly contagious infection that transmits from an infected person to a non-infested person through direct, prolonged skin contact. It’s spread through personal contact with sexual partners, relatives, school children, chronically ill patients and crowded communities.

Kill scabies and other mites using bleach bath or vinegar!

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Reportedly, around 300 million cases of scabies occur each year throughout the world. Outside of the U.S., scabies is also one of the significant causes of morbidity. People who have suffered from this annoying skin condition, know very well how annoying and disgusting this infestation can be.

But the good news is that it can be treated with the help of some natural home remedies, however, the process of recovery is a bit long. But before we jump to the treatment process, let’s explore the symptoms and causes of scabies. 

What Is Scabies?

Scabies is a highly contagious skin condition that can spread from person-to-person. So, it’s likely to spread easily in crowded places such as nursing homes, residential facilities, hospitals, playschools, etc.

The scabies itch mites are eight-legged parasites that live on host body to survive. They burrow deep into the skin to lay eggs, which further cause severe itching. The itching becomes worse at night, as this time these mites are very active and are likely to produce a tunnel into skin layers to deposit eggs. As soon as the eggs hatch, nite larvae work their way to the skin surface. It can be dangerous if not controlled on time, as mature mites will begin spreading to other areas of your body as well.

As the mites are spreading and laying eggs on the skin, you’ll feel intense itching due to the skin’s allergic reaction to the mites. The itch mites can be seen crawling on the skin surface or on clothes only with the help of a microscope, which makes it difficult to diagnose it – as naked eyes cannot detect these tiny mites.

Treat Scabies Using Natural Remedies

Dr. Scabies Cream

There are various medicated creams and oral scabies medicaments to treat scabies. For those who prefer to use natural products, Dr. Scabies is the best scabies cream to get rid of scabies mites. It can be used as directed in the instruction manual. It’s best to use the cream at night and leave it overnight. After that rinse the cream with warm water in the morning. Regular use of this cream will kill the itch mites and also prevent the spread of infestation.


Bleach is a very powerful ingredient to kill scabies mites. However, you’re recommended to use it with rubber gloves so that it doesn’t touch your skin. This can be used to kill mites from non-living things in your house such as furniture, bedding, and clothes. On skin, it can cause adverse reaction causing redness, blistering, flaking and peeling.


Vinegar is not as strong as bleach, but it can also have adverse reaction on your skin. You need to dilute it with water when using the skin. It may not really help you to eradicate scabies from your skin but it can kill the mites living on your clothes, bedding, and other non-living items.

Other Natural Remedies

You may use natural products like cayenne pepper and tea tree oil to get rid of scabies. These are proven to reduce pain and even help in eliminating scabies infestation. Even salt can be used to kill the eggs and also to kill the mites living on the surface of the skin.


Will vinegar or bleach kill scabies amp other mites

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