Learning About Highly Contagious Character of Scabies

Being one of the contagious skin infections, scabies is said to be caused due to the infestation by a microscopic mite called Sarcoptes Scabiei. Learn more details about its spread and cure.

Learning About Highly Contagious Character of Scabies

Have you heard of the spread of serious epidemics in kindergartens and schools?

Well, serious skin infections like scabies are often found to be making their place in overcrowded areas such as orphanages, schools, nursing homes, shopping malls, etc. You might be wondering why these diseases are common in overpopulated areas. Actually, it is due to the contagious character of scabies mites.

What makes scabies contagious?

As stated earlier, scabies is a very contagious skin condition which is caused due to contamination with parasite microscopic mites. The eight legged mite which is responsible for causing scabies in humans is Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis. Though these tiny mites cannot jump or fly, yet they make it possible to spread from one human body to another by crawling. So, scabies infestation can be easily acquired through coming into contact with an infested person. But that’s not all!

How scabies mites spread?

Basically, there are two modes of spread, including direct and indirect mode of transfer.

Direct Spread: It is already stated, how these mites can spread among humans. When a person comes in close contact with already infected person, mites transfer from one body to another. It can be due to prolonged handshake or sleeping together.

Indirect Spread: This one is something many of you might not be aware of. Scabies bugs can transfer from the stuff being used by a diseased. How? Actually, scabies mites can live off their host for around 4 to 7 days. Now whatever comes into contact, including furniture, clothing, toilet sheet, curtains, towel, and so on, can be home to these mites. If a healthy body comes into contact with any of these, these mites can easily transfer.

How to prevent scabies from spreading?

Generally, in order to prevent the spreading of scabies, experts would recommend people you to avoid getting in contact with any diseased. But as stated scabies mites can live for up to a week without a human host. Thus, it is essential to keep away from the bed linens, towels, clothing and all the other personal items used by scabies infested person. Make sure each of them is properly washed in hot water tub to avoid a second infestation.


How to treat scabies?


If you or someone in the family have been infested with these mites, it is essential to follow an appropriate medical treatment. It is about your skin and definitely, you cannot take any risk. Hence, to get rid of these microscopic organisms and their presence, you need to look for an overall solution like Dr. Scabies.

Being a homeopathic treatment, it consists of sulfur which acts safely on your skin and suffocates mites. It helps getting rid of bugs and their eggs. For all symptoms include the presence of burrows, crusty aspect of the skin, blisters, pustules, nodules, and even itching, Dr. Scabies is a perfect treatment.



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