Learning Scabies in 4 Steps (It might save you from itching disease)

Scabies has been known to be one of the most contagious skin diseases. Along this, it is a very itchy condition. Here you will learn about the disease in detail. Go ahead!

Are you infested with “human itch mite” or scabies bugs?

It can be difficult for you to know the same for some time. As per the Center for Disease Control, scabies is found to be more common in those places where people live close together. It can be jails, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, or the extended-care facilities.

You need to know that these itch mites doesn’t discriminate based on gender, race, class, or hygiene. Hence, being alert to the first signs of scabies is the only way you can keep away from this itchy skin condition. So, here are 5 simple things you need to know to prevent scabies from entering your lives.

The Life Cycle of Scabies Mites!

As far as the lifespan of average scabies mite is considered, it is about one to two months. Divided into four life stages, i.e. egg, larva, nymph and adult, the presence of these mites in any stage can add to your problem. It can be just one impregnated female scabies mite to enter your body and result into infestation.

Actually, it is the female mite which burrows under the skin and then deposits two to three eggs every day. Once the eggs start hatching, the larvae emerge out, these start making their way out to the surface of the skin in just three to four days. These then turn into nymphs and the adult female scabies are then again ready to breed.

The Appearance of Symptoms!

While these mites are microscopic, these cannot be seen through naked eye on your skin. Female mites are bigger in size, round are 0.30 to 0.45 millimeter in length and males are roughly half the size of their female counterparts. As stated there is a lag time between the time a human infestation and the occurrence of signs like itching, noticeable burrows, rash, etc., typically it can take anywhere between two to six weeks, for the symptoms to appear.  

The Earliest Signs of Scabies!

While the signs start appearing late, the very first sign you may notice is the itching which will get more intense at night time. And then it is itching which will give rise to red, pimply rashes. Along this, you might also note the presence of scabies with those burrows in specific parts of your body. Generally, scabies prefer areas of skin with folds or those touching each other, such as inside your wrists or elbows, the webbing between your fingers, under your breasts or genital area, or between the shoulder blades.

The Right Scabies Treatment!

Treating scabies is not as simple as it appears to be. Reason being, the number of medicines available consist of permethrin which is a harmful drug. You might get rid of scabies using permethrin based solutions, but will end up causing more harm to your skin.

Instead, you need to use a solution which is safe and effective, altogether. You can count on Dr. Scabies, one of the best known homeopathic remedies to treat the bugs in a safer way. It consists of sulfur and other essential oils. Hence, no more side effects and you can treat your skin easily.

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