Life as a Parent of Kids with Eczema

Here we have rounded up the experiences of the parents of the kids with eczema.

Having a medical condition like eczema is no fun, if it is not a life threatening. The symptoms of eczema are rashes, horrible itch and flare ups. Being a parent, seeing your kids struggling with eczema is traumatic.

Sometimes, the suffering of eczema moves beyond to the mind as it sometimes leads to stress and anxiety. Kids with eczema are prone to teasing and bullying at school, which affects their self-esteem. The relentless itch and sleepless nights often lead to frustration.

Here some parents have discussed their experiences about taking care of a kid with eczema.

Seeing A Daughter’s Endless Battle with Eczema

“My husband Scot and I are blessed with a precious daughter. We found out very early (when she was about 10 months old), with the first angry red patch of skin, that she would have eczema. Just after a life-threatening food allergy diagnosis for Paige, the spot here and there turned into full body eczema. For the past eight years, I have had many sleepless nights with Paige, rubbing her legs to soothe the itch and rubbing her face and head to distract her from the itching in her legs and arms. Even with a great dermatologist, we battle the itch every day. We wrap Paige in what we in the eczema world call a “wet wrap” and she resembles a little mummy….

Her teacher keeps lotion in her desk for her for very itchy times…..”

Eczema Comes. Eczema Goes. And the Cycle Continues…

“My DS (dear son) is 4 mos. old and is already suffering (since he was about 4 wks. old) from eczema. On face,eyes, body, hands, feet…pretty much anywhere at any point in time. One area goes away, another pops up. Now we are also dealing with an apparent staph infection around the eyes and a yeast infection in neck & groin area.”

A Long Affair with Steroids, Cream, Wraps and Antibiotics

“When I started weaning William, the eczema appeared. It started on his cheeks where it was worse and eventually spread to his whole body. He was sore and itchy, it was pretty unbearable for him and horrendous to watch, we felt so desperate. He was put on antibiotics twice as the eczema on his face was infected. We were back and forth to the doctors and had a bag full of steroid creams which we tried with no success……He was put on his third course of antibiotics and treated for three days with steroids, creams and wraps. His skin looked completely clear by the time we left but within a week I could see it coming back.”

Care for a Kid with Eczema Goes Beyond the Cream

“When my son, Ethan, turned 3 months old, he was diagnosed with eczema (or atopic dermatitis). Like any first-time mother, I was crushed as the eczema progressed and expanded over every part of his body. By his fourth month, he had severe eczema. Eczema is severe form of dry skin. Unlike traditional dry skin, eczema frequently has an underlying allergy — in Ethan’s case, a food allergy. Each doctor and specialist I saw prescribed the same thing: hydrocortisone cream. The cream would help some areas, but doctors didn’t recommended using it often or over Ethan’s full body because of its high potency.I knew there had to be more I could do.”

So this is how eczema affects the life of child and its caretaker, the parents. Although eczema is untreatable, you can help the kid manage the signs with medications and precautions.

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