Living with Scabies: Experiences of the Sufferers


Scabies is more than an itchy skin condition. It deeply affects the life of a sufferer. And here are some experiences to prove that.)

There are millions of scabies sufferers across the world. Some get rid of scabies with simple treatment. For some, it takes weeks after weeks to see improvement. Some have scabies that is beyond the control. Here we have outlined the experiences of some scabies sufferers to tell you that scabies is more than an itchy condition.

Seeing the Welts all Over the Body…

“My stomach was where I first noticed it and, as you can tell from the righthand picture, there was a big cluster of welts that the others seemed to spread from. My arm and stomach weren’t the only places I got the welts, either. I got welts all over my buttcheeks, “underboob” area, and on the soles of my feet. Yep, all convenient to scratch while on the job. NOT. Apparently, the most common areas for scabies mites to tunnel into your skin (excuse me while I shudder) are warm, moist areas of your body such as your butt, groin, and armpits.”

Scabies Come Back After Treatment…

“I thought I was cured and getting better when — “wham!” — 5 weeks later the scabies came back with a vengeance. That really freaked me out. I had done everything according to the book and I still wasn’t cured. I wondered if maybe I didn’t have scabies…maybe it was “something else.” I itched so much I could only sleep a few hours at a time. I was going insane from sleep deprivation and despair.”

When Scabies Reaches to Genital Area…

My arms and hands started to break out in small, red bumps that looked like irritated skin from an allergic reaction. It kept getting worse and nothing I was doing was helping. It started to affect my sleep as I would wake up constantly throughout the night itching myself. I decided to go see a doctor and tell them I might have scabies…..The bumps worsened and began to spread to my legs and my genital area. The genital area in particular was awful! It was so uncomfortable and the bumps kept getting worse. I constantly felt embarrassed, stressed out and distracted by the itchiness. The steroid cream did nothing to help me…..,

Scabies or Chicken Pox…

“About 18 months ago I had a small patch of bumpy, itchy skin on my arm, so I went to a dermatologist and he said “Eczema” and told me to put skin lotion on it.

Well, the itch spread from one elbow to my other elbow, up and down my arms, down to my legs, etc.

I went to another dermatologist. He said “Eczema” and told me to put regular skin lotion on it. I now have a row of bottles of useless lotion.

After months of research, I finally figured out I might have scabies. I read 5% permethrin cream was the treatment.

I went to an inner city clinic and the doctor didn’t think I had scabies, but I said “Can it hurt anything for me to try the cream?” She gave in and I got a prescription for the 5% permethrin cream. Went to Wal-Mart and it was $80 for a 2 ounce tube! $80!!! I bought a tube and smeared it on, but 2 ounces wasn’t enough to really cover me all over.”

So you must have understood how scabies affects life unless you get it (god forbid). Want to share your life experiences with scabies? Let us know by commenting below.

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