Looking For Scabies over the Counter Treatment?

Dr. Scabies over the counterScabies can prove to be one of the most depressing and painful episodes of your life. But there is hope; there are solutions that will make you mightier than the mite. Yes, and you don’t have to use prescription strength drugs to do that! Read on to learn about an over the counter scabies treatment that works for 99% of the patients!

You will get loads of advice on how to fight the mite. But on occasions like these, too much information only adds to more confusion and you probably know that. You doctor may think its eczema and your chemist on the other hand, may declare it as ‘just a rash that resembles scabies.’

We totally understand the feeling of something burrowing inside you day and night, and driving you up the wall.

Don’t despair; help is here.

The important thing to remember is that the right solution will also provide you with relief. Don’t just pick up any cream over the counter. There are many!

Scabies are very resistant and if timely action is not taken, they will be in no hurry to leave. You will get creams and lotions easily at a local drugstore as well as at online pharmacies.

Keep in mind that the critical selection here is not where, but which cream to buy.

Scabies is a very common disease and there are fly by night operators trying to make quick money out of it. These creams can actually cause more harm than relief. You will often hear of Permethrin cream 5%, but don’t just pick it without first enlightening yourself on the side effects.

You may also be told to try Crotamiton cream 10%; read the reviews and you will know that in most cases, it was pretty ineffective. One way or the other, both of these options are exposing your body to mild poisons.

Are you willing to take that risk?

If you were using the wrong medication and the mites get super active, someone may recommend you to use Lindane. But please be aware that cases have been reported where the poison in the lotion adversely affected patients’ brains.

Safe and Effective Solution

When looking for a treatment, your priority should be to find a solution that is safe and effective both. Dr. Scabies is one such solution for scabies mites, no matter how big a colony they have built along your skin tissues. It is an FDA approved drug and is composed of many powerful natural ingredients.

It has no side effects whatsoever and can be used by everyone in your family. You can either select a cream that has pesticides or one that is completely safe. The choice is yours!

Obviously, going for a natural organic product with no side effects makes more sense in this scenario. Do not take our word for it. Try a natural homeopathic based, FDA approved alternative this time. When searching for a solution for scabies over the counter, remember cheap usually means unsafe and ineffective.

Dr. Scabies kills scabies completely

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