Lyclear Scabies Cream Vs Permethrin Vs Dr. Scabies

When looking for an ideal scabies treatment, patients would generally come across – Dr. Scabies, Permethrin cream and Lyclear Scabies Cream – as the most recommended drugs in both over-the-counter and prescription categories. But what makes Dr. Scabies the number one choice for thousands of doctors worldwide is its natural composition and instant relief benefits. Read on to see how these 3 products stack up against each other.

As one of the most serious (and irritating) skin conditions, patients suffering from scabies would definitely want a treatment that is nothing but the best for them. This is one main reason that doctors widely prescribe – Dr. Scabies, Permethrin cream or Lyclear Scabies Cream – to patients to help them get rid of the infection and to eliminate the possibility of mites hitting back few weeks later.

Amongst the three top choices, how do the patients know which one is best for them?

To make it easier for you, mentioned below is a comprehensive analysis of the three:

Lyclear Scabies Cream

One of the widely prescribed scabies treatment solutions, Lyclear Scabies Cream comprises of the active ingredient Permethrin – an insecticide.

Scabies is a very serious skin infection and should be taken seriously. So when treating the infection with Lyclear Scabies Cream, patients are advised to use rubber gloves for repeat applications. And also, the people suffering from eczema should be very cautious with its use.

A chemical prescription drug, the cream is quite effective in providing instant relief but causes severe skin discomfort, such as redness, rashes and burning sensation, within no time of application.

Permethrin Cream

Permethrin cream constitutes other most popular scabies treatment prescribed by doctors. The medicine is largely effective in killing both the scabies mites and their eggs. Another benefit of using the cream is instant relief from the irksome rashes and itchiness on the skin.

However being a chemical pesticide, Permethrin cream often leads to aggravated skin problems, such as redness and abrupt rashes followed by swelling of the treated areas. Cases of extreme itching, burning and stinging have also been reported. Also the medication is not prescribed for infants and pregnant women.

Dr. Scabies

Dr. Scabies is the highly preferred and recommended brand by the doctors, owing to its natural composition. It soothes the skin and provides immediate relief. Plus, there are no side effects as it is the case with Lyclear Scabies and Permethrin. An all natural brand of products, Dr. Scabies successfully fights off scabies infestation. Comprising only of the finest natural ingredients, well known to have skin healing properties, Dr. Scabies eradicates contagious scabies mites and eggs rapidly. A 100% safe and natural product, Dr. Scabies efficiently cuts off molting process and direct skin transmission.

With 99.9% satisfied customers worldwide, it’s no doubt that Dr. Scabies is the favorite choice of doctors. The last thing you need to remember is that first two products are essentially pesticides unlike Dr. Scabies. 

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