Medications for scabies treatment

Medications for scabies treatment

Scabies the contagious skin infestation is caused by the human itch mite which causes intense itching and scratching all over the body. The scabies mites get easily transferred from one person to another through a close physical contact with the infected person.

Therefore, doctors recommend that everyone in the patients’ vicinity has to be treated with scabies. There are many over the counter drugs and medicines available for scabies treatment.


Although one should not ignore the signs of itching but we cannot consider every itching sign as scabies. Therefore, before starting the treatment, it is must to know the root cause of itching.

Diagnosing the scabies

Often scabies is determined by a dermatologist by visual examination of the patient’s skin from head to toe. But still to confirm doctor’s do the ink test in which ink is rubbed over the itchy areas and later on wiped off with an alcohol pad. If the mites are present, the ink highlights the burrows created by them which confirm the presence of scabies.

Another method to diagnose scabies is scraping off a tiny bit of skin which the dermatologist examines under the microscope. The skin scrapings are placed on a glass slide and then observed under the microscope. If the dermatologist finds scabies mites or their eggs, then it confirms that the person is infested with scabies.

Once the reason for itching gets clear, it becomes must to kill the mites so as not to let the infection get complicated.

Treating the scabies infection

The only way out to treat scabies is to treat it with the medicines and creams. But it’s best to consult the doctor for a safe and quick treatment.

The patient along with the household members has to be treated equally for the scabies infestation. Doctors always recommend that a person who happens to come in close contact with a person suffering from scabies should not wait for symptoms to appear and should start the treatment right away after coming in contact with a person suffering from it. Even the recent sexual partners of the person have to be treated with the scabies.

To start with doctors usually recommend cream and lotions to be applied over the whole body reaching out to all the body parts. For young children, infants and pregnant ladies and feeding mothers medicines are to be taken with a serious consultation with the doctor.

The medicines are usually applied during the night and then washed off the next morning while bathing. This process is carried on for a week after which the doctor reviews the change in the patients’ condition and accordingly changes the dosage of medication.

Following are some of the medicines that are usually prescribed for scabies treatment. These medicines are available in the form of soap, lotion and creams and help in treating the scabies effectively.

  • 5% permethrin cream
  • 25% benzyl benzoate lotion.
  • 10% sulfur ointment. 
  • 10% crotamiton cream.
  • 1% lindane lotion.
  • Ivermectin( for crusted scabies)

Dr Scabies cream

Dr Scabies is a popular over the counter medicine that can effectively kill the scabies mites and provide a quick relief in the condition.  It consists of natural ingredients which can get you rid of the itch and the mites without causing any side-effects.

Some of the main ingredients of Dr Scabies cream are soy & Jojoba Oils, MelaleucaAlternifolia Leaf Oil and ChamomileExtracts which are safe for people of all age groups to get rid of the scabies’ mite.

Since the scabies results into intense itching and uneasiness, therefore, dermatologists also prescribe few other medicines to ease the condition.

  • Antihistamines are recommended by doctors to lessen the itch and give you with a peaceful night sleep. 
  • Pramoxine lotions also help to control the itching
  • In case of excessive redness and swelling, doctors also prescribe a steroid cream. 


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