Most Effective Anti-Itch Remedies for Scabies

Uncontrollable itching sensation, which keeps increasing and reaches its peak at night is the telltale symptom of scabies infestation. This sever itching is caused by allergic reaction of the body to the presence of mite and its eggs inside host’s skin. The mites feed, move and lay eggs beneath first layer of skin, which provides it stronger resistance to common creams and lotions.

Scabies is rarely life-threatening. Worst form of scabies is seen in people with dysfunctional or weak immune system, like people living with HIV/AIDS. It’s called crusted scabies. In absence of natural bodily resistance, the mites multiply rapidly and can increase their number to millions in a single host body.

Itching is the worst part of it that snatches quality of life from infested person, who often face social humiliation on being caught constantly scratching the affected part. Fortunately, there are remedies available to provide relief from sever itching.

Hot shower worsens itching

If you are scabies infected, then avoid showers in hot waters because it worsen the itching sensation. Hot water quickly dries out and creates irritation in the skin. Therefore, cold water shower is recommended for scabies patients. If you can’t take cold shower, then try to bring the water temperature down, gradually over a period of days.

Use soaps with medical properties

Soaps are enemy of natural oils present in human skin. They make skin dry, and dry skin means increase in itching if a person is infested with scabies mite. You need to be very picky with soap selection and detergents. In simple words soaps become irritants and worsen itching sensation except for the right ones. There are soaps available in market that contains herbal properties, like those of neem oil and neem leaves. These ingredients were used by ancient people to treat skin conditions. Picking a suitable soap would surely help in reducing itching.


Antihistamines are prescribed by doctors to provide relief from itching, especially at night before going to bed. Primarily because people lose their sleep due to itching that increases at night. Antihistamines are used to block your body’s histamine response to allergens (mites, eggs, waste, and debris).

Colloidal oatmeal, Baking Soda and Coconut Oil

Grind common oats into a fine powder and add it into bathing water. The fine particles set down on skin and provide it nourishment, which helps in reducing itching sensation. Other than colloidal oatmeal, patient is also advised to bath in mixture of water, baking soda and coconut oil.

Epsom Salt Bath

Also called magnesium-sulphate, Epsom salts, when added to bathing water can help getting rid of itching, reduce inflammation, and keep your mineral contents balanced. The skin might get dry but it mostly works well.

Selective diet

Some skin conditions including psoriasis and dermatitis are associated with food intake. Some foods can worsen itching and must be avoided. The food with high histamine content is the one you should avoid.

Caladryl Lotion

Use of Caladryl to treat all kind of itchiness can be traced back to many generations. Although, it has lost its popularity in modern world, it’s still an effective method to fight itchiness.

Mind Cloths You wear

Make sure that you don’t wear anything to which human skin is hypersensitive, like new cloths due to presence of additives, like formaldehyde. Also avoid latex, wool, and overly tight clothing. Rather, stick to cotton, silk, linen, or other loose clothing.


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