Multiple Treatments for Scabies effective?

The onset of Scabies can create panic and despair in any patient. The fact that parasites are crawling under your skin can drive anybody crazy.

The first signs of Scabies are a red bumpy rash and intense itching in the infected areas. The common areas of infection are chest, buttocks, abdomen and soles of the feet.

The itching can get so intense in the night that the person sometime scratches himself till he bleeds. In his desperation he is sometimes ready to follow all lines of treatments suggested to him.

1. The Right Diagnosis

Before a treatment is decided, it is important that a patient goes to a doctor for proper diagnosis. A well trained and experienced doctor will be able to detect the signs of Scabies instantly.

2. Common Treatments

Most doctors are keen to put the patient on a treatment based on permethrin, a pesticide. But over the years results have shown that the mites have become resistant to it and re-infestations are very common. The patient also needs to decide if he or she would like to exposé his body to a pesticide based treatment with side effects.

3. Natural Home Remedies

Once you start talking about Scabies, you will be bombarded with a million home remedies, all claiming to be the sure shot cure for Scabies. People will vouch for the efficiency of tea tree oil, neem, aloe vera and other home remedies.

But it has been seen that these home remedies work as surfactants and are unable to kill the mites that are below the surface of the skin. They might provide relief from the itching but can in no way eradicate the Scabies infection forever.

4. Dr. Scabies

You can cut out the confusion by straight away going for a reliable and effective product like Dr. Scabies that is totally effective against Scabies.

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