My boyfriend has scabies, do I have it too?

My Loved One Has ScabiesBeing a contagious disease, it is mandatory to stop any kind of physical contact with the person suffering from scabies. And, when it is your partner who’s suffering from such, there’s a good chance you’ll get infected too if no precautionary measures are taken. Maintaining a safe distance, both physically and sexually, is mandatory.

Scabies is arguably one of the most painful and dreadful diseases that are caused by mites. Although it can be treated completely within a month or a couple with effective formulations like Dr. Scabies, the fact that mere physical contact can spread this disease is something that makes it even more dreadful. And, the problem simply takes on a whole new level when it is your boy friend or sexual partner who’s suffering from scabies. In that case, even you can get infected in no time.

When you know that your partner has got scabies, don’t fret over it. Educate yourself instead. That’s the best way to deal with the situation.

Contrary to what many people think, scabies isn’t a sexually transmitted disease but a skin disease.

It can of course be transmitted from one person to another by mere physical contact whether it’s your friend, your family member, your kids or even your partner.

So, in case you’re mingling with an affected person, always take adequate protection. The best way, of course, would to avoid having sexual intercourse with your boyfriend until he heals completely.

Ask any experienced medical practitioner and he’ll let you know that it’s better not to sleep in with your boyfriend till he recuperates. And, since the blisters of scabies show up and affect the hairless parts of the body the most, even a careless touch while sleeping can result in both of you getting affected by the same.

So, try not to sleep in together till the symptoms of scabies terminate altogether.

Doctors are of the opinion that chances of you getting affected with scabies causing mites will increase even if you sleep on the bed sheets or pillows used by the affected person. So, stop using the clothes and other non-clothing accessories used by your boyfriend. And, if possible, tie up the latter in a plastic bag and dispose them off to some dingy place like the attic or the garage.

Proper washing, and cleaning of all clothes and the area where he stays can possibly protect the spread of scabies. Make sure to tell your boyfriend to keep all windows open so as to let the natural light in. Natural light cuts off the bacterial and fungal growth of the infection.

All this may seem like a nightmare to you but it’s really important that you take all precautions and arrange for a good treatment like Dr. Scabies at the earliest. The treatment will no doubt help combat the infection to an effective degree but you two will have to take precautions too! Talk to your boyfriend. Explain to him what this disease is and how you two can knock it off by cooperating with each other. 

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