My Boyfriend Has Scabies, Will I Get Infected Too?

Having a sexual relationship and sharing personal items are one of the most common modes of spreading the Scabies infection. So, if your boyfriend has got scabies, you better maintain a distance and start helping him get rid of the infection at the earliest.

Different patients describe the itching form Scabies differently. Some describe it as the bite of a flea; others call it similar to a mosquito bite and while some describe it as a wriggling pin prick sensation.

 If your boyfriend has Scabies, there is a very high possibility that you too will contract the infection too. Well, if you don’t take the precautions.

How Soon the Signs Appear

Although in first timers, the infection shows after four to six weeks of contracting it. In a re-infestation it just takes two to four days for the symptoms to appear.

Most Affected Areas

Large areas of the body will suddenly start tingling or a crawling sensation will be felt. The most commons spots for itching are the fists, knuckles, back of the fingers and between the toes.

The itching becomes worse in the night, while exercising and while taking a hot bath. People with weak immune systems like elderly and children are more prone to get infected.

How Serious Is It and How to Deal With the Infection

It’s curable. You just have to get Dr Scabies for quick treatment.

The manifestation will actually depend on the location of the patient, the climate, grooming habits, and the existing medical condition if any.

Once the infection is confirmed it is important that the couple gets treated for the infection together.

Dr. Scabies is a natural product that can help you get rid of the infection and any chances of re-infestation. It has no side effects and the ingredients are completely natural.

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