My Co-worker Has Scabies: What Needs To Be Done?

Scabies is contagious as we all know and people suffering from it should be kept at a distance. But, if your stubborn co-worker has scabies and refuses to stay at home, don’t panic, but take the following steps.

Firstly, when you find out one of your co-workers has scabies, don’t fret. By taking correct precautions and steps you can stay safe and keep everyone else safe too.

Seeing a person suffer from scabies if an awful sight.  Little mites called Sarcoptes scabiei dig burrows inside the human skin causing red rashes and extensive itching. Empathise with your co-worker and take up the following steps: 

Don’t Panic at the name of Scabies

You must not start panicking if you see someone being affected with this disease. Yes, it is contagious and can transfer from one body to the other very easily. But, creating a tense situation inside the office won’t be the right thing to do. Stay calm, and clear your mind. You must think practically at the moment and not rush with everything. Some simple steps and you are through.

Let everyone in your Office be Aware of Scabies

Not many are known to scabies and the fact that it is contagious. First things first, you must tell your colleagues about the disease and how it can spread through prolonged touch. This way, the propagation of scabies can be avoided. A stitch in time saves nine. This is the first step that should be taken.

Speak to Your Colleagues about Scabies being Contagious

Scabies is contagious, and, to a great extent. An infected person can spread scabies through touch. Prolonged touch can result in the mites travelling from one body to another in very less time. If your colleague is not aware of this, tell him all you know about it. Tell him to keep his belongings in his drawer and keep it locked. Also, tell him to be careful on what he is touching. He too won’t like to spread it among others.

Give the Correct Advice to your Colleague

You should not isolate your colleague altogether. Correct advice is what he needs at the moment. Tell him to start with home remedies immediately. They can reduce the rashes to a great extent. Also, tell him to visit the doctor as soon as possible. Correct medication will bring about results in as fast as a fortnight. Dr. Scabies can be recommended as a hands-on guide to all medication related to scabies.

Recommend Dr. Scabies

Your infected colleague and the rest in your office are bound to be worried to a great extent. The best that you can do is to recommend Dr. Scabies to him and he is open to treatment that can get him healed in very less time. You can get to know everything about the disease as well as its treatment. So, chill and spread the awareness.

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