My Family Member Has Scabies: What to Do

Scabies is a disease can affect just about anyone without his/her having any knowledge about the same. So, instead of panicking about the same, people must follow some measures by which they can help themselves get better as well as help others not falling to the same.

It’s a special type of mites that cause scabies, a really painful, stubborn and nasty skin infection. These little creatures lay eggs under the epidermal layers of the skin, causing the skin to bloat and produce blister-like rashes.

However, the worst part of it all is the fact that though they may be treated perfectly well with recommended products like Dr. Scabies, it’s a contagious disease—yes, it precisely means that mere physical contact may aid in its spread from one person to another.

So when a family member has scabies, it’s likely that everyone else in the family may have got it already! Here’s what you need to do:

1. Educate Your Family Members

First things first, alarm everyone in the family. Ask each member of the family if they have noticed any signs of the skin. Educate them on the most common signs of the disease and let them know that it can be cured effectively with the right treatment.

2. Regular Washing Using an Antiseptic Soap

No matter whether you’re the patient or the family member, washing the whole body, especially the hands and arms, repeatedly during the day with clean water and an antiseptic soap is a must. It can help stop the disease from spreading to other family members.

3. Careful Laundry

In case your family member is suffering from this mite infestation, try to maintain his laundry well to prevent mites’ spread. Make sure you wash the infected person’s clothes separately in warm water, preferably with a dollop of antiseptic lotion in it.

Not only the clothes but all the belongings that the person uses daily must be washed alike and dried in high heat. It’s the best if the clothes and other accessories are sun dried for it ensures a complete termination of all the infectious substances.

Yes, you can give in those clothes to a launderer but make sure to transfer those in a plastic bag and give proper instructions of washing those separately.

3. Get Rid of Non-Clothing Items

The best way to get rid of those mites is to place all non clothing items like pillows and bed covers and bed sheets in separate plastic bags and dispose them at some damp and non-lit areas like garage or attic. According to the doctors, mites die if they do not receive any food for a week, so disposing them of in a week kills the mites.

4. Avoid Contact

Avoiding contact with the infected person is the best way to avoid scabies. However, this is surely not possible if your family member gets infected. But what you can do is – let him or her be in a separate room and come in physical contact only when necessary. We know it’s a difficult task but if you really want to stop the infection, this minute separation must be endured.

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