My Girl Friend Has Scabies, Do I?

Scabies is a mite-borne disease that is contagious and hence might spread to anyone who’s physically in contact with the infected person. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of the person or be there for him/her. Proper care and kind words are a part of the treatment as well.

Scabies is a type of skin disease that comes around when mites get into and lay eggs under the surface of your skin. If your girlfriend has scabies, chances are that you have got it too. Or it’s likely that both of you will be infected in no time if no precautionary measures are taken. Although it is completely curable within a matter of a month or two at most, the fact that it is contagious makes people quite uneasy about the disease, especially when it is your near and dear ones, like your girl friend, who’s the sufferer. However, being panic-stricken won’t help any of you cope with this disease; instead try these following steps for a complete recovery —

1. Talk to Her

If you really want her to recuperate faster, openly speak to her about the disease. It’s not something to be afraid of. It’s neither an infection to be ashamed of. It’s just a condition that needs treatment. That’s all.

Let her know that it isn’t something that is going to severe both of you and getting well from the disease is just a matter of time and proper care.

2. Keep Clean With Water and Antiseptic

Now, this is a step that both of you must follow together. Every day, make it a point to clean your hands, arms and feet with plain water and an antiseptic soap as much as possible. For better results, you can use a specially formulated soap for the purpose by Dr. Scabies.

The same routine must be followed by your girlfriend too. By doing so, you will be eliminating the possibility of any mite breeding on your skin from your girlfriend; while on the other hand, application of the same on your girlfriend will stop the infection to increase any further. 

3. Avoid Sleeping Together

If your girlfriend is infected with the disease, of course, you must help her in following the scabies treatment regime and keeping the rooms clean. However, if you really want to help her recuperate faster, you must avoid sleeping in with her on the same bed at least for a couple of weeks lest you too are prepared to get infected. After all, if you too become infected, who is going to be there for her?

4. Help Her with the Natural Medications

Scabies can be temporarily treated with some natural ingredients readily available in home or a nearby market. These ingredients can be applied while following the professional medication routine such as Dr. Scabies as well. However, putting the natural ingredients together and making them apt for use takes a little pain. So, you can make these up for her to make things easier for her.

Alternatively, some natural processes, like putting Neem oil in bathing water. You can do that too.

5. Keep the Rooms Airy and Naturally Lit

This is indeed very important for natural air and light curb the spread of the diseases and help people to recuperate easily. So, make sure both of you spend at least a couple of hours out in the balcony, garden or the terrace and stop mites from growing in numbers.  

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