My one-year-old Baby has Diaper Rashes and Cries lot, is it Scabies?

Diaper Dermatitis or diaper rash as you have asked is a common condition in infants and children. It can be irritating for babies but it affects up to 35 percent of infants at some point in their diaper wearing age. This is a common skin problem in infants between 9-12 months, or can even occur in children if they wear diapers till a bigger age. I am telling you this just to make sure you feel comfortable and dosympn’t panic thinking it’s something extraordinary. Though diaper rash is common problem, it shouldn’t however be taken lightly.

Most cases of diaper dermatitis are short lived and may subside by themselves. But it is important for parents to determine the cause of rashes to their little one. Rashes can be a result of diaper irritation, moisture or simply have no relation to diapers at all. Therefore, knowing the reason for the rashes is very important.

When you’re sure it’s a diaper rash, you can begin treatment at home:

• Keep the babies genital area clean
• Keep the area airy and do not allow moisture to develop
• Make sure the baby is not on diapers around the clock
• Keep the area thoroughly dry

Child is feels very itchy and irritate especially at night

Though, it’s possible to begin treatment for diaper rash at home. If you are concerned about the rashes becoming severe or worsening by the day, or the rashes are associated with symptoms of some other skin problem, you should definitely see a doctor.

If the baby – feels intense itching, which increases at night; has pink-to-red bumps that look like bug bites? If the baby is experiencing rashes between fingers, toes, on the wrist and/or around the waist, it is an indication you must visit your doctor; the baby could have scabies.

Scabies in babies

Scabies is a highly contagious disease, which can be seen as an itchy rash in infants (mostly ignored as diaper rash). Scabies is caused by a mite (a small bug), scientifically called the Sarcoptes scabiei. This mite enters into the body through skin folds and burrows the skin. The mite then lays eggs inside the burrows, which hatch and form larvae.

Early sign of scabies is infection – small red bumps on the skin. Since the skin of the infants is largely exposed and very sensitive, scabies mite can easily infect them and lead to rashes that are extremely itchy. Since the baby doesn’t know what’s happening all it can do is cry. It’s you (a parent) that has to take notice and visit the doctor. Earlier scabies medication starts, the better it is.

Treating scabies in infants

Generally, when the doctor has confirmed scabies; the doctor will prescribe some topical medication. Permethrin cream is widely considered the safest and most effective medication to treat scabies in infants.

IF child has severe case of scabies, a doctor may even prescribe some oral medication to kill the scabies mites quicker.

When applying prermethrin cream to your baby, you must keep in mind that the child would have the habit of putting her hand in the mouth. Since you don’t want the medication to travel by her hand to the mouth, it’s advisable to apply the cream overnight and wash it thoroughly first thing in the morning.

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