Natural Remedies for Common Skin Problems like Warts, Skin Tags and Dark Spots

Are moles, warts, dark spots or skin tags bothering you? Due to changes in our lifestyle and hormones, it is common for us to develop such skin problems. While there are myriads of skincare products available in the market that promise to give you spotless skin, relying on some simple and easy home remedies can be significant. These remedies help you to improve the overall health leaving your skin glowing.

Natural Remedies for Common Skin Problems like Warts, Skin Tags and Dark Spots

Try these surefire natural remedies for a few common skin problems.


Warts are tiny outgrowths on the skin caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). While warts can be typically treated by freezing or with salicylic acid, some people also prefer wrapping it with duct tape. Here are some other things you could try:


According to Natural Society, warts can be removed in just two weeks by using garlic juice and crushed garlic. Every night, rub crushed garlic on the wart and put a bandage over it. In addition, you can also apply garlic juice to the wart twice a day.

Pure Raw Honey

The benefits of honey are proven and wart removal is one of them. Simply, rub honey on the wart at night and cover it with a bandage. Slowly, honey will show its effects and remove the wart. The use of honey is so effective that there are certain cases in which warts didn’t ever return after honey had been used to treat them.


Skin tags are skin growths that stick out from the skin surface. Neck, upper chest, underarms and eyelids are some of the common area where skin tags usually develop. Skin Tags are commonly caused due to rubbing of skin against skin. Tying off, cutting off, and freezing are some of the common remedies for Skin tags. Nevertheless, there are some natural remedies available for you to use at home.

Tea Tree Oil

Removing skin tags with tea tree oil is although a bit slower process than most, taking upto one month, however is much safer for skin tags found around the eyes. Just soak a cotton ball with water and add a few drops of tea tree oil. All you have to do is dab the cotton ball on the skin tag and cover it with a bandage. Repeat this process two to three times a day.

Baking Soda and Castor Oil

According to LiveStrong, a combination of castor oil and baking soda is a great way to remove skin tags. All you need to do is mix baking soda and castor oil well to make a paste. Apply the paste to the skin tag and cover it with a bandage. Repeating the process twice to thrice a day can be very effective. Extra paste can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours.


Moles are common and can appear at any time of your life. These are actually close groupings of skin pigmentation cells, known as melanocytes. Some causes of moles include over exposure to the Sun and genetics.

Castor Oil and Baking Soda

A mixture of castor oil and baking soda is effective for removing moles. Make a gummy paste by mixing well some castor oil with baking soda, apply it on the mole and cover it. Remove the bandage next morning and rinse well the area. The process should be repeated every other evening.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider vinegar is a great remedy of removing moles. Soak up the apple cider vinegar with a cotton ball and dab it over the mole. Tape the cotton ball to the mole with a bandage and leave it there for eight hours a day. Gradually, the mole will turn black and fall off.


Dark spots are discolored patches formed on the skin, making your skin look dull and ugly. They are more found on the face, hands and forearms. While the real causes of the dark spots are still unknown, many doctors believe it is due to sun exposure and aging liver. Have a look at some natural ways to remove dark spots.


Lemon is an effective dark spot remover. Simply, soak a cotton ball in lemon juice and rub it on your dark spot two times a day. It will help bleach your dark spots naturally. Avoid applying the lemon on areas around eyes and on cuts, if any.

Vitamin C Serums

When it comes to using Vitamin C serums for the skin, they must contain topically active vitamin C. Hence, look for chemical-free, hand-crafted and organic products. Using the right product can give you miraculous results against dark spots and damaged skin.

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