Nix Scabies Treatment Side Effects

If you want to give Nix scabies treatment a try without any prescription, consider having a look at its side effects first. Find out how it can take a toll on your skin when used without instructions!

Have you or family members been infested with scabies? Are you planning to opt for Nix scabies treatment like those who want to try just anything and everything without consulting a dermatologist?

Well, you can’t, and should not, risk your health by using an over-the-counter remedy without recommendation. And if you are not able to find a better option, it’s important that you know all the hitches associated with it before starting the treatment.   

What is Nix Scabies Treatment?

Nix Dermal Cream is basically Permethrin 5%, a group of Synthetic Pyrethroids that exist in the form of insecticides. Permethrin as a synthetic chemical is able to repel and completely eliminate almost all types of insects and parasites, including scabies mites.

While Permethrin is extremely toxic to most animals, it doesn’t normally harm humans as long as used carefully. However, since this synthetic chemical can prolong sodium channel activation and damage neuron membranes, you need to consider certain safety measures to prevent side effects while using it.

What are the Common Side Effects?

Because Permethrin is present, Nix Dermal Cream often leads to redness, burning and irritation on the skin surface. If you are highly allergic to chemical substances, you may notice rashes appearing quite frequently. Overdoes can lead to several severe complications such as affected neuron membranes.

How to Use Nix Scabies Treatment Safely?

For adults, one tube of 30g is the right amount per treatment. However, the usual amount for children should be less than 15g or half of a tube. Before you start the treatment, make sure your hands are properly clean and dry. Whether you are using Nix cream or lotion, don’t forget to cover the rest of the body using a clean cloth while you apply the product on the infected area. Remember, the key is to apply the right amount.

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