Norwegian vs. Regular Scabies

In UK alone, 1,000 people get infected with Scabies in a month. It has been observed that the disease affects more people in urban areas.

More often it is seen in children and women, than men. Scabies can take two forms, the normal Scabies and the advanced manifestation i.e. Norwegian scabies.

Read on to know more about these two types of similar infections –

1. How Do You Get Infected?

A close skin to skin contact is the most common reason for the Scabies infection to spread. That is also because the Scabies mites are incapable of jumping or flying.

Even holding hands for a prolonged time can spread the infection. The hand is the first place to be infected in such cases. Having sex is another common way for catching the infection.

2. Once You Get Infected

Once the mites enter the human body, they stay dormant for a day or so.  But the full fledged symptoms might take a few weeks to appear. People with normal Scabies first complain of intense itching and a pimple like rash on the surface of the skin.

3. Norwegian Scabies

The people who have low immunity and limited access to healthcare get infected by this category of the infection. It is just an aggravated stage of the infection in the lack of timely treatment. The patient displays a thick crust and lesser itching compared to  the normal Scabies. The crust is home to mites and their eggs.

Whether it is regular or Norwegian scabies, make sure to use a good cream, soap or lotion (one or all of these) to contain the infection!

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