Number of Effective Ways to Treat Scabies

A highly contagious skin disease usually caused by the itch mite Sarcoptes scabiei. Also known as seven-year itch, the most common symptoms are severe itchiness and pimple like rash on top of skin. Scabies is usually seen like tiny burrows in the skin, which generally takes approximately two to six weeks to appear. Caused by the female mite, itching is caused when the mites burrow deep into skin to live and deposit eggs.


The symptoms are usually caused by the allergic reaction of the mites. After the mites burrow into host’s skin, it takes time to develop symptoms and signs. Here are some of the symptoms caused by scabies mites:

Itchy Skin:

Termed as classic scenario, the itching usually happens in the night time and is worsened by warmth.

Pimple-like rash:

It usually occurs in the finger webs, feet and external genitals. The excavation done by male mites in the epidermis generally causes it. Appearing two or six weeks after infestation, the pimple-like rash usually seems like trails in linear and s-shaped tracks.


Usually happens due to excessive scratching. The itchy rash can cause sores, which in some cases also develops into an infection.

Thick Crust:

It happens mostly in case of severe scabies like crusted scabies. Also known as Norwegian scabies, in such case the infected person ski crust houses approximately 100 to 1,000 mites and their eggs.

Crusted Scabies

Also known as Norwegian scabies, it is a severe form of scabies and it mostly develops in people with weak immune system. The most common symptom of crusted scabies is a widespread crust of skin which is thick and crumbles easily when touched.

Causes for having Scabies

The human itch mite causes scabies and it usually happens when mite burrows into the skin. Transferable in nature, people with scabies can easily pass it on to someone who gets in direct contact with the infested person. Alternatively, if the other person uses the infested objects like a towel, bed sheet, etc.

Number of ways to treat Scabies:

There are number of ways through which one can treat scabies, from ointments to natural treatment.  The medical world is filled with alternative medicines that help infected person and his family get rid of these itch mites.

Simply diagnosed by a doctor after performing a physical exam and inspecting the affected area of skin. The treatment usually involves prescription of ointment, creams and lotions.

Common Medicine prescribed by doctor:

  • Permethrin Cream
  • Benzyl Benzoate Lotion
  • Crotamiton Cream
  • Lindane Lotion

In most cases, doctors also prescribe additional medicines to soothe the itching and pain caused by the mites.

Holistic Remedies:

  • Neem Oil is termed as the organic, natural insecticide and is ideal in killing mites and their eggs. Considered as safe for humans, it works well without affecting the skin for killing human itch mites.
  • Tea Tree Oil is one of the most popular holistic remedy for killing mites and their eggs.  After applying directly to the bite area, it helps in treating itch and reliefs from itch pain.
  • Zinc is ideal to treat secondary infections, which are usually caused by infestation, and prevent opportunistic fungal infections.


It is advisable to claim the complete house and it used by the infested person, as these mites can live without human for 2 to 3 days. So it becomes important that one must wash all clothes and hot, dry the furniture to be on the safer side and itch free life.

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