Open Injury; Definition, Types With Treatment

An open injury is a damage, including an external or an internal break in body tissue, generally including the skin. Almost everybody will experience an open injury sooner or later in their lives. Most open injuries are minor and can be dealt with at home.

Open Injury Treatment

Falls, accidents with sharp questions or instruments, and car accidents are the most widely recognized reasons for open injuries.

Types of Open Wounds

There are five kinds of open injuries, which are classified depending upon their cause.


An Abrasion happens when the skin rubs or scratches against a harsh or hard surface. Street rash is a case of a scraped area. There’s typically not a great deal about dying, but rather the injury should be scoured and cleaned to keep away from infection.


A sharp question, for example, a blade, shard of glass, or extremely sharp edge, causes an Incision. Cuts drain a considerable measure and rapidly. A profound cut can harm ligaments, tendons, and muscles.


A Laceration is a deep cut or tearing of the skin. Mischances with blades, devices, and machinery are successive reasons for Laceration. The bleeding is fast and broad.


A Puncture is a little gap brought about by a long, pointy item, for example, a nail, needle, or ice pick. Once in a while, a slug can bring about a puncture injury. Punctures may not bleed much, but rather these injuries can be sufficiently profound to harm internal organs.


An avulsion is an incomplete or complete tearing without end of skin and tissue. Avulsions ordinarily happen amid brutal mishaps, for example, body-pulverizing mischances, blasts, and discharges. They drain intensely and quickly.

Home Care treatment for Minor Wounds

Minor injuries can be dealt with at home. To begin with, wash and sterilize the injury to expel all earth and trash. Use direct weight and height to control bleeding and swelling. When wrapping the injured, dependably use a sterile dressing or swathe. You’ll have to keep the injury perfect and dry for five days. You ought to likewise ensure you get a lot of rest.

Pain normally goes with an injury. You can take acetaminophen as coordinated on the package. Maintain a strategic distance from headache medicine items, since they can bring about or prolong bleeding. Apply ice if you have wounding or swelling, and abstain from picking at scabs.

When to See a Doctor

Although injuries can be treated at home, but you should visit a doctor if;

  • an open injury is more deeper
  • the bleeding does not stop with direct pressure
  • the bleeding endures longer than 20 minutes
  • the bleeding is the consequence of a serious mishap

Medical Treatments

Your specialist may use diverse methods to treat your open injury. After cleaning and conceivably numbing the area with anesthetic, your specialist may close the injury using skin paste, sutures, or fastens.

You may get a tetanus booster shot if you have a cut injury.

Different medicines for an open injury incorporate pain drug and penicillin. Your specialist may likewise recommend penicillin or other anti-infection if there’s an infection or high hazard for building up an infection. At times, surgery may be required.

When you leave the doctor’s office, you may have wraps and dressings. It’s vital to dependably wash your hands and work on a perfect surface when changing wraps and dressings.

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