Over the counter creams for scabies treatment

Over the counter creams for scabies treatment

Scabies is a highly contagious skin infection which is caused by the human itch mite known as Sarcoptes Scabiei . The mite results into intense itching, rashes all over the body accompanied by tiny burrows marks created by the microscopic mites in the skin.

The scabies treatment should be started right away if you feel itchy at any body part especially during the night. The following article deals with over the counter drugs for scabies treatment.

The scabies infection can start from any part of the body- genital area, face, wrists, between the fingers, armpits and even the waistline.

If anyone comes in contact with a person infested from scabies then that person is likely to catch the infection. Although it takes around two to six weeks for symptoms to appear but any signs of itching or scratching should not be ignored and the person should start with the treatment right away.

All the household members should also be treated in case any member in the house is infested with scabies. In fact, all the people in the patient’s vicinity have to be treated to eliminate the risk of getting infested.

How to Diagnose Scabies?

A person infested with scabies infection has a skin which may appear like bitten by insects. You can even see S-shaped tracks left behind which are the burrows created by the female mites beneath the skin.

Doctors generally perform the ink test to confirm the presence of scabies mites on the skin. The ink marks the burrows in the skin and confirms the scabies infection. And in some cases, a scrap test is also performed in which some portion of the skin is scrapped off and then observed under the microscope. So, this way the scabies can be diagnosed.

Treating Scabies

Scabies can definitely be treated but you need to strictly follow the doctor’s prescription and the advice. There are many medicines which are available in the form of creams and lotions and can be used for scabies treatment. But it depends upon the severity of the infection and the recovery process.

Permethrin cream

This is generally the first medicine prescribed by most of the doctors for the treatment of scabies. 5% permethrin cream consists of a synthetic chemical which acts as scabies mites’ killer. This drug is considered safe for use for everyone including pregnant women and young children around 2 months old.

Permethrin has been found to cause burning or irritation in the skin and therefore it should be taken with doctor’s consultation only. The cream is generally applied once in a week but it’s best to consult the doctor for finding the right dose for you. The cream has to be applied and massaged thoroughly on all body parts including neck, armpits, in between fingers, nails for a night and then should be washed off the next day.


This is another medication prescribed for scabies and is available as 10% crotamiton in the form of both lotion or cream form. It is known for its antipurirtic nature that not only reduces the itching but also kills off the scabies mite.

This has to be applied every 24 hours and then later on washed while bathing. Don’t apply it over any inflamed tissue as it can lead to infection and poisoning. The cream is highly recommended for external uses and should be kept away from eyes, nose, and mouth and vagina areas.

While you are using the medication, you should also ensure that all clothing, bedding, and towels should be washed and then dried on high heat every morning.


Sulfur is a popular medicine that has been in use since long time to treat the scabies infection. It is available in the form of soap, shampoo, cream and ointment is a combined form with petrolatum.

Sulfur is considered safe for usage even during the pregnancy but it is generally recommended by doctors when all other medicines seem to be ineffective.

Although FDA doesn’t approve use of sulfur for scabies treatment but it has proved to be highly effective in eradicating the scabies mite from the body.


1% Lindane is also effective in treating the scabies mites when other medicines fail to give results. It has to be applied to every inch of the skin from the neck down and has to be left on for eight hours and then washed off later.

This medicine is not considered safe for pregnant or nursing women; therefore they should consult the doctor before using them. This medicine can even be absorbed in the blood stream result into seizures. Sometimes the scabies mites even develop resistance to this medication, so it’s necessary to use it only if it has been prescribed.

Dr scabies cream

Dr Scabies is one of the popular recommendations by the doctor to kill off the scabies mite because of its natural ingredients that do not cause any side-effects.

The main ingredients of Dr Scabies cream are soy & Jojoba Oils, MelaleucaAlternifolia Leaf Oil and ChamomileExtracts which help is a safe and chemical free treatment of scabies. It is even available as an over the counter drug for treatment of scabies.

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