Overwhelming Reviews of Dr. Scabies Over Facebook

Here we have rounded up the experiences of the people with Dr. Scabies.

Dr. Scabies is a homeopathic answer to horrible scabies. It is packed with the goodness of citronella oil, sunflower oil, tea tree oil, green tea and chamomile extract. It not only kills the mites, but also speeds up the healing. As an added bonus, Dr. Scabies is safe and useful for all skin types.

No wonder that thousands of people have been benefitted by Dr. Scabies. We receive avalanche of positives about Dr. Scabies via social media platforms like Facebook.

It is our real reward learning that Dr. Scabies helps people get rid of horrible scabies. And these positive reviews about Dr. Scabies are really overwhelming and encourage us to make the cream better than before as well.

Got Great Results in Less Than a Week…

“It’s annoying to have a skin disease like this. I’m just a victim as well. Worse I do not have any idea where I got it. I went to a dermatologist & gave me permethrin to use but it didn’t work after using it for a while. I think scabs has (sic) developed resistance. I want to be treated no matter what. I can’t live with scabies. It’s contagious. I thank my high school friend who shared his good experience with Dr Scabies. I tried it too. I was surprised I saw a great result in less than a week. It kept me motivated to continue the treatment. Now I’m worry free. I’m already free from scabies. I am free from any skin parasite.”

—-JayJay Basa

Dr. Scabies Comes to Rescue…

“My daughter is having symptoms of itch and rashes too. I’m not sure of this. I started to panic and not really sure of what to do since she is not able to sleep well for 4 nights now. I started to search online for possible causes. As I do my research, I always encounter about scabies until I found your site. I feel valued because the agent I talked was so very professional and started to ask questions like this and that. I felt good because she instructed to consult first before trying anything else to find out if it’s scabies or what not. I will go to the doctor with my daughter first. Worse comes to worst, if it’s scabies then I know whom to get back to. I honestly like Dr. Scabies support!”

—-Barbara Chambers

From a Sceptical Person to a Staunch Fan!

“At first, I really don’t believe these products. I tried a lot of medications from different dermatologists but for just temporary relief. It keeps on coming back. I’m desperate to get rid of these pests on my skin. Tried different remedies online but didn’t work. When I encountered Dr. Scabies online I frankly said I do not believe it. It so happen that the agent I talked to on their live chat was so understanding that she explained everything to me. I tried the products myself.

Now, instead of saying I do not believe in your products.. I would rather say I can’t believe I got treated. I would say thank you Dr. Scabies and thanks to the agent I talked to!”

—-Melvin Jones

Thanks Dr. Scabies for Easing the Itch…

“Yes !these products are very effective.at (sic) first i thought it was just a normal rashes so it took me 1 month to discover it was scabies..so i searched in google the best treatment for this disease.and i found these product..and i chatted someone from that website who really encourage me to try..so i tried..and now im relieved.thanks to God i found these…thank u thank u”

—-Cyril Gullem

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