Here are the top books that contain tried and tested tips to deal with eczema. Being an eczema sufferer, you know that living with this chronic condition is not easy. Flare ups, itch, rashes all over the body and frustration are the things you must be used to. Luckily, eczema can be managed with medications […]

Here we have listed popular myths about ringworm you shouldn’t believe anymore. Ringworm, also termed as tinea, is a common fungal infection characterized by crusted and circular red patches on the skin. While ringworm affects people of all ages, children are more vulnerable to this skin condition. Despite being a common skin condition, many people […]

From symptoms to treatment, here are some major differences between flea bites and scabies. Flea bites and scabies are two different skin conditions despite having almost similar symptoms. Scabies is an infectious skin diseases caused by the mites. Fleabites, as the name implies, are the itchy bites caused by the fleas that are tiny insects. […]

We all itch every once in a while. It is a universal experience everyone one on this planet goes through. Wikipedia defines itch as “a sensation that causes the desire or reflex to scratch.” Also known as pruritus, itch is caused by allergies, medication, stress, skin conditions and infections. What Causes Itch? We think nothing […]

What if your OTC medications fail to work? Before seeing your doctor, here are the remedies to try for a quick scabies relief. Scabies is a common yet horrible skin disease. Caused by the mites, scabies torments the life with blisters, rashes and relentless itch. Luckily, scabies is curable with both OTC and prescription medications. […]

Making these mistakes not only aggravate your scabies, but also spreads the infestation. Being a scabies patients, you should be extremely careful while making physical contacts or using household items. Some precautions from your side help prevent the infestation of scabies. It also benefits your healing. After all, who can understand better than you how […]

According to the U.K. National Health Service, scabies is more common in places with limited health care and large populations. This includes nursing homes, extended-care facilities, prisons, and even mental institutions. Yes, you read that right this skin condition is highly found in hospitalized patients, especially those who are suffering from mental disorders. And as […]

With more than 16 million Americans suffering from rosacea, what surprises is that most of the infested people aren’t aware of what they are going through. One of the major reasons behind this unawareness is that there are no specific tests for it. Even if you are making a visit to the doctor, they will […]