Itch can bother you anytime, anywhere. Then, it can be life disturbing in cases like scabies or eczema. Learn here how to soothe your itch. Itching is one of the experiences we all have in common. Why do we itch? Here is an interesting explanation given by Scientific American: “An itch, also known as pruritus, […]

Ringworm is caused by unhygienic conditions and coming into contact with an infected person. Here are some effective remedies to cure your ringworm at home. Ringworm is one of the common skin conditions in the USA. Nearly 70 percent of people in the USA have ringworm. It is a fungal infection that isn’t caused by […]

Here are things about scabies you should know as an employee or employer. The risk of scabies outbreak is high in the areas like workplace. This is because the infection can spread at a large scale due to the crowd or groups. After all, scabies is a contagious skin disease. Being an employer or co-worker […]

Here is how psoriasis may lead to some other health conditions. Psoriasis is a chronic, autoimmune inflammatory disease. It is characterized by the scaly raised skin. Although the symptoms of psoriasis can be managed, it can trigger other health conditions. Besides, they can lead a person to depression due to the frequent flare-ups and hassles […]

Here is a quick guide to tell if you have scabies or psoriasis. Are you experiencing lesions, blisters and itching all over the body? Is it scabies? Or you have got psoriasis? If you have had scabies at some point, getting such symptoms may mean that you have got it again. Right? But it can […]

Here are the foods that help you control allergy symptoms. Allergy is a common health condition in the USA. It is estimated that nearly 50 million Americans have certain types of allergies. defines allergy as a misguided reaction to foreign substances by the immune system, the body system of defense against foreign invaders, particularly […]

It is quite challenging to work with a health condition like psoriasis. Don’t worry! These tips will help you! Your co-workers may be curious about your scaly patches and red lesions. Your employers may wonder if your skin condition let you work. Above all, many people at your workplace have fear lest they should catch […]

Learn here how eczema may lead to health problems like heart diseases, poor mental health and insomnia. Eczema is a chronic skin disease which causes intense itching, inflammatory skin lesions and dryness. While the exact cause of eczema is still unknown, the condition can be even tormenting as it put you to the risk of […]

Here are the tips to manage your psoriasis in winter. If you have psoriasis, winter season may add to your troubles. The combination of dry air, decreased sun exposure, freezing temperature can aggravate your flares. Top of that, common winter illnesses like cold or flu can affect your psoriasis as they make immune system work […]