Over the last decade it has been observed that the effectiveness of Permethrin against Scabies is steadily on the decline. There have been several reports of patients complaining of a re-infestation within a very short period. It is known for a fact that Permethrin belongs to a family of drugs called pyrethrins. This family of […]

Itching is perhaps the most annoying and painful aspect of scabies. Even after proper treatment, itching will prevail for some time, but beyond a limit, it indicates a relapse. So, what is it that causes itching even after a complete scabies treatment and when should you become more cautious about it. Reasons for Persisting Itchiness […]

Studies have proven that Permethrin belongs to a family of drugs called pyrethrins. This family of chemicals is often used in pesticides manufactured for large scale commercial use. The fact that permethrin based creams are not safe is proven by the fact that you will need a doctor’s prescription to buy it. Let’s read a […]

We all know that borax is a powerful natural cleaning agent and is effectively used for removing fungus, pests and other micro insects from the skin. It is also effective in killing the scabies mites thriving under the skin. Let us find out in the following if it is also as safe, as it is […]

Dr. Scabies vouches on the effectiveness of its core ingredient Sulfur against Scabies mites. The whole range of products from Dr.Scabies is completely safe and effective against Scabies infection. Doctors all over the world are now recommending this treatment for quick relief from scabies as it’s the only product in the market that’s both safe […]

Dr. Scabies is a completely natural product that can fully eradicate Scabies infection. The ingredients in this product are completely natural. Hence, in comparison to other pesticide based products available in the market, Dr. Scabies is absolutely safe. If you have been infested by Scabies while pregnant, we can assure you that use of Dr.Scabies […]

Obviously, every time a rash appears on the skin, it cannot be labeled as scabies rash. Scabies is a highly contagious skin infection. There are typical signs and symptoms that will develop over a period of two to five weeks. Scabies rashes are the earliest signs of contracting the disease. But, before you categorize them […]

Generally, Scabies treatment is decided according to the severity of the infection. Many patients opt for pharmaceutical scabicides as an effective cure. But, because they can have side effects and cause skin allergies, they are losing popularity for treating scabies. Dr. Scabies is an effective treatment instead. It has a natural composition and considered to […]

Surfactants are organic compounds that work to decrease the friction between two liquid bases. The Scabicides that are made for treating Scabies have surfactants that aid in the effective spreading of the medication. Let’s read more about the role surfactants play in the treatment of Scabies – 1. Treatment of Scabies There are different kinds […]