It is very hard to tell if the treatment has been successful or not. The wait period can be very frustrating. In a successful treatment, the symptoms of Scabies will decline in ten days or so. But if the itching comes back with a bang please be informed that most likely the treatment failed. Read […]

When scabies infection comes knocking, it is important that you face it bravely. The medicines will treat the body, but there are a large number of precautions that all family members need to take in order to get rid of it completely. Let’s look at some methods to get rids of mites from bed linen […]

Scabies is a highly contagious skin disease that occurs commonly in the urban population. There are many treatments available in the market for it. There are products based on Permethrin that bring along side effects in huge numbers and then, there are some natural products like Dr. Scabies too. We know the itching, pain and […]

There are divided groups on whether pregnant women should be exposed to permethrin or not during pregnancy. Some believe that a 5% level is safe, while others think that the risks involved are very high. When in doubt go for a natural product like Dr. Scabies that has no side effects and cures the infection […]

Once a person gets infected by Scabies, it normally takes up to 2 to 6 weeks for the infection to show any noticeable signs. The symptoms are different for re-infestations and can occur much sooner than a first time infection. Let’s read a little more about Scabies and its symptoms – The itch Once the […]

Even after months of medical treatment for scabies, chances of nodules appearing does linger on for a while. Clinically, these nodules are termed as Nodular Scabies. These nodules are pruritic and can be allergic reactions in parts retained by mites during the infection period.      Although, Nodular Scabies isn’t a common scabies type, it is reported […]

Scabies is an extremely contagious skin infection recognized by small red crisscross blisters on the skin. These red hives indicate spots on the skin where scabies mites lay their eggs. Because these mites are constantly digging into the skin, an infected person feels itching around the rashes, which may become intense as the infection spreads. […]