With the passage of time, human skin undergoes countless changes that might be favorable or unfavorable to overall health. Mostly, the changes are unfavorable like, the overall capability of skin to perform its basic functions like power to retain water, etc. start losing. As the basic functions don’t work, so, skin problems start emerging. One […]

You might be surprised to know that has occurrences of atopic eczema increased 2- to 3-fold in industrialized nations. Now it is said to be impacting approximately 15% to 20% of children and 1% to 3% of adults worldwide. Also known as atopic dermatitis, it is a chronic relapsing inflammatory skin condition which is more common […]

(Summary: Scabies can disturb your life and cost you a peace of mind. Don’t worry! Pick yourself up with these things to stay positive.) The impact of debilitating scabies signs like itch and rashes goes beyond the skin. Simply put, scabies also affects the emotional health of the patient. After all, apart from tolerating itch […]

Scabies in dogs is caused by Sarcoptesscabieicanis which causes intense itching and hair loss. Each mite has a lifecycle of 21 days in which it mates on the skin and the females lay eggs. The eggs hatch in 5 days and the cycle continues once the nymphs mature into adults. The itch mite species is […]

Did you spotted some lump formation over your skin? Has it increased over a few days? If it is followed by pus, then chances are you are dealing with carbuncle. Well, the most obvious first symptom of this skin infection is appearance of red, irritated lump. And this lump can range from the size of […]

Have you been experiencing intense itching from several days? Then there are chances that you have been contracted with one of the most contagious skin infestation, scabies. Also referred to as the seven year itch, this skin problem can exhibit sings like rash, bumps, blisters, and so on. It was in 2017 that scabies was […]

Scabies caused by the burrowing of female mite (Sarcoptesscabiei) underneath the top layer of skin forms red itchy aberrations. The female mite lays eggs underneath the skin which hatch into larvae and the infection spreads. The skin of infants is more sensitive to scabies infection and sometimes can aggravate to the formation of large blistering […]

Did you know? Nearly 8 million Americans have psoriasis compared to 125 million people worldwide. And 10-30% of them also have psoriatic arthritis. Life with autoimmune diseases like psoriasis is not easy due to the debilitating symptoms like flakes, red and raised patches of skin, soreness around patches and itching and burning sensation around affected […]

(Summary:  One of the benefits of workouts is that it lowers inflammation. Here’s how…) Workouts are good for you, whether it’s a simple jogging or a hardcore weightlifting. It helps you control weight; develop stamina and strength; build muscles and lower the risk of certain diseases. Did you know such physical activities help your body […]