A patient is supposed to discuss openly with his physician on his health condition. As they say, never hide anything from your doctor. Right? However, it can’t be sidelined that sometimes a patient is too shy to ask their physician. Their hesitation holds them back from knowing directions, treatment, and medication. This usually happens in […]

(Summary: Here is why your beautiful skin suddenly switches to “alarming mode” and how to overcome it.) Sometimes you think that you have the most flawless skin ever. After within a week or two, the same skin becomes the biggest concern for you when it is dotted with pimples, rashes and blotches. And all these […]

Chamomile oil has been used to treat various health conditions for ages. It is obtained from the flowers of the chamomile plant. There are two varieties of the plant—the Roman chamomile and the German chamomile. Although they have almost the same therapeutic values, they have some specific qualities due to the different composition. For example, […]

(Summary: Learn here how to make cold compress at home for getting quick relief from inflammation, itching and swelling.) A cold compress is an age old remedy to get quick relief from itch and rashes. Ice reduces swelling and inflammation. The cold restricts blood circulation, thereby numbing the pain. It is also useful in easing […]

Suffering from intense itching and inflamed skin? Dealing with red patches around skin folds? If yes, then there are pretty good chances that you have scabies. Being an intensely pruritic skin condition, this is said to be caused due to an infestation with the microscopic mite- Sarcoptes scabiei. Today there are millions of people affected […]

Scabies is a common parasitic skin infection. While it is affecting nearly 300 million people each year, you might be surprised to know that it highly prevalent in smaller children. Yes, it is more found in kids younger than 2 years of age. Do you have a little one at home who is experiencing red […]

(Summary: From tea tree oil, chamomile extracts to coconut oil, Dr. Scabies is loaded with effective ingredients to treat your scabies.) Dr. Scabies is one of powerful treatments for scabies. It not only kills the mites, but also promotes healing. Unlike other OTC creams, it doesn’t irritate the skin as it is made with the […]

(Summary: Learn if you have a damaged skin barrier with the key symptoms given here.) Does your skin remain dry even with a moisturizer? Do you often experience red patches, flakiness or itching? It might be because of your damaged skin barrier. What is the skin barrier? It is the outermost layer of your skin […]