Permethrin Cream Not Working For Scabies?

Permethrin is undoubtedly one of the widely prescribed treatments for scabies. But with the properties of a chemical pesticide – are you sure the cream is the best scabies solution for you?

A highly contagious skin infection, scabies is characterized by symptoms of relentless itch. In its primary infestation, the signs and symptoms develop only after 3-4 weeks.

This is one main reason that infected persons remain asymptomatic for as long as a month. It makes identification of the infection difficult for non-veteran practitioners and they treat the patient for other skin infections, most commonly for eczema.

Result – aggravated skin infection leading to intense pruritic eruption, generally on flexural creases and inter-digital spaces. This raises the frustration levels of the patients and therefore to provide immediate relief, majority of doctors often prescribe chemical treatments, ignoring their hazardous heaths effects.

Permethrin is one such widely prescribed treatment for scabies – that is vastly known for its pesticide activity.

However, the much famous scabies treatment, Permethrin can cause more harm to people than good. In the worst case scenario, it has been reported that the use of the cream caused skin irritation, enhanced itching, redness and swelling to patients suffering from scabies. Used for providing instant relief the cream, the application of the chemical causes elevated levels of burning and stinging feeling on the skin.

In fact, it has also been reported that scabies mites are actually becoming immune to Permethrin. If that was not enough, various studies have also revealed that Pyrethrum is a possible carcinogen, capable of causing cancer in certain patients.

So, with all these vital facts in hand, are you sure Permethrin is the best treatment for you?

You Can Cure Scabies Naturally

No, we are not recommending home remedies that may or may not work but ensure some temporary relief.

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