Permethrin Cream vs. Dr. Scabies

When it’s any skin disease that you’re dealing with, natural or herbal products are always the biggest relief in the process of recuperation. This is because they mostly come sans any side effect; also, they are good for the skin as a whole and don’t harm the skin around the infected area!

Since scabies is a curable disease, it is a natural fact that you’ll get myriad medicines and applications in the market which promise a complete recuperation from scabies. But, do you think all of them are equally good? Of course, they are not.

Let’s provide you with a brief comparison of Permethrin creams and Dr. Scabies!

  1. Permethrin may be one of the most used products to cure scabies in the past but now, even doctors would ask you to avoid it. Dr. Scabies on the other hand, is being recommended by an increasingly large number of medical practitioners around the globe and especially in the United States and Canada.
  2. Permethrin contains pesticides. Yes, you got it right. This cream has pesticides, the kind that is used to kill insects. It might kill the pests (the mites) residing in your body but can never be good for your skin. After all, if pesticides are known to be harmful for the plants, how can they not be so for your skin? Dr. Scabies on the other hand, is an all natural formulation. It has no chemicals in it. This is what makes Dr. Scabies a safe product for scabies treatment.
  3. Unlike Permethrin, Dr. Scabies is a completely natural cream that has no known side effects on your skin. Permethrin cream, however, has many side effects including heightened itching sensations, redness, swelling etc. In some people, these side effects can be more serious than the condition being treated!
  4. Permethrin is believed to be a possible carcinogen i.e. an ingredient that may be causing cancer in people who are exposed to it.  So, yes, it might kill the mites but it may also harm your body beyond repair. Dr. Scabies has no such negative attributes.
  5. Continued use of Permethrin cream makes the mites more resistant to treatments in the long run. Hence, if you’re using this product, use it completely at your own risk. The same does not hold true for Dr. Scabies, an FDA registered product with over 80% completely natural herbal extracts.

Dr. Scabies not only promises a complete revival from scabies but does so in a natural way. What else could anyone ask for? Don’t let yourself be blown away by the cheap price tag on a Permethrin cream or hundreds of fabricated online reviews published by companies that are hell bent on selling an extremely harmful product to the masses suffering from scabies. Make an informed decision and choose Dr. Scabies over any other chemical based scabies treatment product that promises results (and may not deliver) but never carries enough information on its possible side effects. 

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