Pin Worm Infection: Effective and Affordable Natural Treatment!

Pinworms are an infection related to the intestine, which is basically caused by parasitic worms. They are a kind of little worms  that mainly targets kid’s intestine. A large number of the children for the most part had pinworms at one time, and the worms are not something to fear!

Numerous researchers have made a guess that there are more than 40 million cases in the United States every year of pinworms. Despite the fact that anybody is brought on by pinworms, they are most regular in youngsters matured 5-14 years. Pinworms live in your guts and get by taking the nutrients from your food.

Symptoms Of Pinworms

The most widely recognized symptoms of pinworms are an itchy rectal area. Symptoms reach to the awful position during night evening when the worms are more dynamic and slither out of the butt to store their eggs. A few people with pinworm infections may not experience any side effects. But, you might suspect that you or your youngster has a pinworm infection if you take note: 

  • Regular and continuous itching of the butt-centric range 
  • Rashes, pain, or other skin bothering around the butt 
  • Pinworms present in the area of your kid’s butt 
  • Restless sleep because of itching and inconvenience of butt-centric area
  • Presence of pinworms in stools

Which age group is at risk?

  • In USA, pinworm infection is mainly found in kids. Preschoolers follow many school-age kids and they have the most noteworthy rates of disease. 
  • In a few cases, about half of the kids are infected. This infection mainly originates in more than one family member. 
  • Grownups are less inclined to have a pinworm infection, yet moms’ whose kids have pinworm can be brought on by this disease. 
  • Kid’s care centers and other institutional settings regularly have cases of pinworm infection.

Prevention of Pinworms

Do you want to save yourself from the infection of pinworms? Then, just follow the tips to get secured by infection. 

  • Ask your kids to wash hands after using the toilet, after playing outside, and before eating
  • Ensure your kid shower or scrub down every day and change inner clothes on a daily basis 
  • Keep fingernails of children short and clean 
  • If your youngster has a pinworm disease, all the members of your family should be treated with prescription to keep yourself away from re-infection. 

Natural Treatment for Pinworms

The natural treatment for pinworms is more successful when it comes to raising the immune system rather than killing the pinworms. Below are the few natural treatment that are most common;

Bathe every day: Take a hot shower on a regular basis to stop spreading the parasitic infection. Use body wash or cleanser as you bathe instead of just rinsing yourself with water. Give careful consideration to the skin around the anus so that you wash away the infected eggs. It is a must to shower in the morning so that pinworm eggs washed away. 

Garlic: Garlic can expel the pinworms straight from the intestines. They are vastly improved than over the counter medications in that they are equipped for crushing the eggs also, expelling the infection from your digestive system totally with no reason for re-infect. 

Coconut: This is a well known cure in India. Take a spoonful of coconut in the morning and after that mix it well with castor oil. Apply it on the infected area or whole body and after 2-3 hours, take a bath. 

Carrots: Eat ragged crude carrots every day as its a natural treatment to kill the small worms naturally. For fussy eaters, have a go at blending the carrots with honey to enhance the taste.

Grapefruit: Grapefruit seed extract is also an effective way to eradicate pinworms. It is also available in many medical stores in the form of pills or liquid. The pills are generally taken 3 times a day and if you consume liquid, you might need to blend 10 drops in a glass of water, 3 times a day. If you found no improvement in a week, then you need to consult a doctor!

Remember! An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pounds Of Cure…


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