Pruritus Ani- A Skin Ailment That Is Annoying And Embarrassing

Call it from any name- Itchy Bottom or Anal Itching, Pruritus Ani is an annoying, embarrassing skin condition which causes incessant irritation in the anal region. You constantly get an urge to scratch the affected area but before scratching thinks about the future consequences. In reality, more you scratch, more you are prone to the infection.

There are various causes of Pruritus Ani- pressure, moisture, rubbing from clothing and sitting. As one proceeds with the disease, it becomes more painful along with burning sensation and soreness. It is not just any other physical ailment; it also affects daily life and self-esteem, especially if you are in a social setting.

Did you know? Pruritus ani affects 5% population in the USA with more men likely to have pruritus ani than women. The commonly affected age group is 40-60, though it affects people of any age, including kids.

Right approach when you suffer from an Itchy Bottom?

When you suffer from an itchy bottom, it is not easy to reveal whether you have pruritus ani or not. So, it is always advised to see your doctor if the itching at your anus is persistent and gradually getting worse. A doctor can examine the itchy area and based on the symptoms your affected area shows- he can decide whether you suffer from pruritus ani or not. The assessment methods may also include digital rectal examination and anoscopy.

Causes of Pruritus Ani followed by some Precautions

There are two types of pruritus ani that can be detected from the causes. If the cause of pruritus ani is well known, it implies that it is “secondary pruritus ani”. And if the cause of pruritus ani is unknown, the condition is termed as “idiopathic pruritus ani”.

Some of the most common causes and precautions to be taken when suffering from pruritus ani are mentioned in the table below. Have a look at the table and get acquainted with the various causes and precautions to avoid them to get a relief from Pruritus Ani.

Pruritus Ani

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