Psoriasis Survivors Tell Their Inspirational Stories

I Would Love Myself More Than Ever….

“To give you an idea, it felt like a drop of oil had fallen on my skin and it had burnt me.From there the marks kept getting bigger, it hurt more and got itchier. After two or three days it usually starts to bleed, it starts to dry out and of course it starts feeling even more painful and even itchier. I suffered from a lot of fevers, a lot of pain and I felt awful. I also had problems with my nerves, anxiety, and everything came all at me at once. It was the worst it’s ever been for me.”

‘I’m going to be on top of this, I’m not going to let anyone humiliate me, or let anyone speak badly about me.’ I think that this has made me accept it even more and to cope with it better.”

“In the future I hope and I believe that I’ll finally get the right treatment for me. Of course it’s a disease that lasts forever, but if some of the symptoms that really make me feel bad can be reduced a bit, it will allow me to fully live the normal life that I want….when my doctor said that this would be for life, I made a promise with myself that I would love myself more than ever.”

—–Nora Hakaramaj (Source:

Summoning a Buddha-Like Indifference to My Disease…

“It’s been seven or eight years since I saw a dermatologist, and not because I like shopping for clothes so much. The last one went through the routine: a perfunctory look at my arms and legs, a scrawled prescription for a topical cream.

Around 2001, after seeing that last dermatologist, I stopped with everything, summoning a Buddha-like indifference to my disease. I told myself that the only way to control the symptoms was to let go of the need to control them. It was the only treatment I hadn’t tried — detachment. I set my disease on a shelf like a book I had already read and reread.”

—–Julie Edgar (

Looking At the Sky and Taking Rain Showers On My Body…

“When I was a school-going girl aged 13, I had noticed some big, ball-type rash on my body. Eventually, it took control of my whole body from hair to nail. In the last 21 years, I have consulted more than 9-10 doctors -from Allopathy to Homeopathy and Naturopathy via Ayurveda!

When I witnessed my skin falling down in pieces; I felt so sad. I cried hundreds of times. When I saw layers of my skin swollen, I became depressed. When I saw dark spots on my skin, tension started building up naturally. When I stood up from my chair and flakes of skin akin to dandruff used to fall down on my shoulders, it irritated me. I felt like vanishing from the office place!

I had even faced bleeding problems from Psoriatic skin. I overcame it with good medicines. I faced psoriatic arthritic problem too in my left leg. It never stopped me from trekking to the top of the Sahyadri and breathing in the open fresh air…looking at the sky and taking rain showers on my body!”

—–Alka Dhupkar (Source:

This Disease Has Made Me Stronger and More Confident…

“I was diagnosed with plaque and guttate psoriasis when I was 15 and growing up with this disease has made me stronger and more confident. Being a teenager with psoriasis made me feel secluded and incredibly self-conscious. People just didn’t understand what it was or why I had spots all over my body. My skin has a mind of its own and it always keeps me guessing. I can go through long stretches of time without any spots, but without warning they’ll come back overnight and usually stick around for an equally long stretch of time.”

—–Joni (Source:

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