Quick Ways to Manage and Treat Scabies Itch


Here are the ways to battle your scabies itch effectively.)

Itch is a trademark scabies symptom. It gets intense at nights, thereby troubling the sleep of the patient. Relentless scabies itch is life disturbing. Top of that, scratching the itchy part can worsen your skin condition. This is because it damages the skin, allowing the germs enter your skin from the nails.

Don’t worry! There are many ways to control your scabies itch. Apart from using topical medication, there are the things that can give you relief from scabies itch. Here we have rounded up a few of them.

Cover Your Nails

  • Coat your hands and nails in essential oils like tea tree oil or clove oil when you have a strong urge to scratch. Tea tree or clove oil are antibacterial, meaning that they can kill the mites and prevent them entering the skin. Plus, it will soothe the friction.
  • Wear gloves to prevent the contact of the nails to the skin.
  • Trim your nails.

Distract Your Mind:

  • Interact with other skin area to distract your mind off itch. Press your unaffected skin to make an X.
  • Give your unaffected skin some nice snapping of a rubber band when you feel urge to scratch.
  • Squeeze a stress ball.

Apply Home Remedies:

  • Moisturizer
  • Give it a cold compress using a damp cloth
  • Take a cold shower
  • Apply aloe vera
  • Avoid using scented lotion and soaps.
  • Avoid the foods that can increase inflammation like red wine, aged cheese, seafood, eggs, spices, alcohol, vinegar and citrus fruits.
  • Wear loose garments made of breathable fabrics.

Apply OTC Creams:

If you are not seeing improvement, use OTC creams like permethrin cream, lindane lotion, Crotamiton and Ivermectin. What about using Dr. Scabies to get a quick relief?

Dr. Scabies is an effective homeopathic cream for scabies. It is a great treatment for those who are allergic to traditional scabies medication like permethrin cream or lindane lotion. Or the cream can be used before using doctor’s prescribed medication. Dr. Scabies contains Sulphur, vitamin E and scabicidal plants like chamomile, sesame, soy bean and palm. It goes to the deeper layers of the skin for a quick improvement in your skin condition.

Dr. Scabies not only kills the mites, but also promotes speedy healing. It’s great for mild to extensive scabies cases, disinfecting and healing wounds and lesions caused by mites.

See Your Doctor:

If nothing works, it is time to see your physician. Once he confirms that you have scabies, he or she prescribes you some medications including pills and topical ointment to be applied on the skin. These creams are made from anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and healing formulation.

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