Sarcoptes, What Is It, How Is It Related To Scabies?

The Canine scabies is caused by the parasite Sarcoptes scabiei. They are able to penetrate the skin of healthy dogs and cause skin problems. The dogs will often be seen scratching themselves due to the itching. These mites cans also infect humans and cause them mild discomfort and itching.

Let’s read more about Sarcoptes and its similarity to Human Scabies –

1. Who Can Get Infected By Sarcoptes?

Canine scabies is known to infect dogs of all breeds and ages. Although often seen on dogs, it can also be found on cats, ferrets, humans and fox.

2. The Lifecycle of Sarcoptes

The mites prefer to spend their lifetime on the dog. Compared to the human mite, the canine mite dies in 3 to 8 days. They tend to survive longer in warmer regions.

3. Symptoms of Canine Scabies

The first symptom of canine scabies is severe itching and hair loss. It is most commonly seen in the elbows, hocks, chest, ears and armpits.

4. How Is It Diagnosed?

Diagnosis in canine scabies can be very tough. Most skin scrapings do not show a positive result in the first go.

5. Can It Infect Humans?

In humans the infection from Sarcoptes lasts for a limited time only. It causes temporary itching that goes away after a week or so, on its own. But there is a human species of Sarcoptes that gets transmitted from one infected person to another.

When infected, do not take scabies lightly. Consider getting yourself treated as soon as possible. 

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