Scabies A Contagious Disease You Need To Be Aware Of

With the passage of time, scabies has becomes a common illness. It is an itchy condition of the skin which affects millions of people all around the world. Being a highly contagious disease, it can spread from one person to another through different means. But that’s not all! There is much more you need to know. Find out here.

Do you know there are 300 Million people infested with scabies mites each year all over the globe? Certainly, this is just an estimate which is simply based on the people who seek some kind of medical attention. There is a large majority of scabies infected people who don’t visit doctors and go for home remedies.

However, the major fact to be considered is that scabies is something that affects a lot of people and can easily transfer from one person to another. This skin condition is said to cause severe itching when Sarcoptes scabiei, an eight-legged mite gets into a person’s skin. These mites survive on their host body, feed there and reproduce. The female mites lay eggs beneath the skin and leads to increase in infestation.

So, you already know that it is a contagious condition and spreads rapidly through coming into close physical contact. Whether a person in your family or school or nursing home or child care group is infested, when you come into direct contact with them, i.e. shaking hands for long time, sleeping together, etc., there are high chances for you being infested. Because of how easily scabies transmit from one person to another, doctors recommend treatment for whole groups of people who are in close contact to the diseased.

Below are discussed some scabies contagious facts,

Why is scabies contagious?

There are many mites and bugs which can cause infestation, then why does scabies bugs lead to severe and contagious itching? Well, these mite burrows enter your skin and lay eggs which after 21 days mature and leads to increase in number of mites. This further leads to growth and spread of these mites to other parts of your body. And similarly they can migrate to the skin of other people around you, who come in contact with.  Once they enter a new body, mites continue to reproduce and lay eggs in your skin, repeating the cycle.

In what ways can scabies mites be transmitted?

Scabies mite can usually be transmitted through close physical contact. That means when someone holds hands with an infected person or through sexual contacts. But there is an indirect mode of transmission too.

Yes, it can be transferred through sharing of infected clothing, towels, bedding, etc. Actually, these mites can migrate to these non living objects and live off their host for 4 to 7 days. Hence, when a healthy person comes in contact with these infected stuffs, these mites get a way to enter another body.

In what environments scabies multiply in?

Scabies grow rapidly, and therefore, it becomes necessary to see what leads to this growth. Apparent in environments that entail very close physical contact among the people, are more prone to scabies. Hence, it is highly found in schools, nursing homes, prisons, and so on.

In the end, if you suspect that someone close to you has scabies, consult a doctor as soon as possible. Early detection can seriously save you from severe problems.

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