Scabies and Work: Most Asked Questions about Scabies by Employees

Here are things about scabies you should know as an employee or employer.

The risk of scabies outbreak is high in the areas like workplace. This is because the infection can spread at a large scale due to the crowd or groups. After all, scabies is a contagious skin disease. Being an employer or co-worker to someone with scabies, you would have many questions in mind. For example, you have fear lest you catch scabies if you handshake with an infected person or when you use his things. Don’t worry!

Here we have answered the frequently asked questions about scabies related to workplaces.

What to Do If My Co-worker is Being Diagnosed with Scabies?

Scabies is generally caused by prolonged skin-to-skin contact with an infected person. The risk of getting infected is more even with a handshake with a person who has crusted scabies. If you share such contact, you should get yourself diagnosed earlier to know if you have scabies.

Consider spraying or fumigating workplace to kills the mites living on the furniture or other things. Such things help prevent the further scabies transmission across the facility.

I am Being Diagnosed with Scabies? When Should I Come to Office?

A person diagnosed with scabies can get back to work once the treatment starts. However, you should be more cautious in case of having crusted scabies that is highly contagious. It is better if you avoid coming to office and practice complete isolation.

Can Using the Patient’s Belongings Infect me with Scabies?

Sometimes, scabies mites live in the items used by a person with scabies. For example, the computer keyboard they are using may have scabies mites on it. However, the risk of getting infected with such things is low. As we have told you, crusted scabies is highly infectious. The patient with this disease may infect the things they use. To be on safe side, consider vacuuming as well as disinfecting all the belongings of an employee with scabies.

As an Employer, How Can I Stop Scabies Infestation across my Workplace?

As an employer, you can play a vital role in preventing the further infestation of scabies across your workplace. Get your workplace vacuum cleaned and properly disinfected. Educate the employees about the scabies outbreak. Encourage them to go for a checkup so that they can find out if they have caught scabies from their infected colleagues. Ask your employees if they have scabies patient at home. May be they have caught the infection that make them symptomatic in the days to come. This is because it would take 4-6 weeks for symptoms to start in people who have never had scabies. The symptom can occur within 1-4 days in people who have previously fallen to scabies. Tell them to see the doctor if they experience unexplainable rash or itch. This is the way to stop the further infestation of scabies.

Does Scabies Spread through Handshake?

It takes a prolonged skin contact (like sexual relations) for scabies mites to transfer from a patient to other body. However, in case of crusted scabies, you should be extremely careful as brief skin contact can make you vulnerable to infection.

So these are some frequently asked questions by employees about scabies. An infected employee should practice proper precautions as directed by your physician. Being a colleague to a person with scabies, have yourself diagnosed to check if you have caught the infection.

Keep in mind that early detection, practicing appropriate infection control precautions and treatment are important in preventing scabies outbreaks.

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