Scabies but No Rash – Just Itching & Crawling Feeling?

How to know if i have scabiesThroughout history, scabies has been known as “the itch” and it’s this feature (intense itch) that is often the first and most prevalent symptom of this skin disease. Generally the itch is most concentrated in the back and webbed side of the hand and sides of fingers and also on the skin folds of the wrist. Many different parts of the skin, however, get affected subsequently.

Scabies is caused by parasitic mites that generally infest the human skin. The disease is highly contagious and is spread through prolonged skin contact. The scabies mites are very small and are invisible to the naked eye. You won’t probably see the scabies mite crawling through your skin; you will only feel the symptoms emerging. The scabies burrow marks are visible as curvy and grayish lines on the skin.

The first signs of scabies appear as tiny red dots which look like acne or tiny bites. Be cautious however, as scabies may show different signs in different individuals. If you have slightest doubts about some itching sensations signaling scabies infection, make it a point to investigate it further! Rashes will most certainly appear in some time but there is no point waiting for that if you can detect and fight off the mites while they have just begun tunneling through your outer skin layer.

Misdiagnosed Mites: Doctors Don’t Always Recognize Scabies

When a person is infested with the scabies infection for the first time, it can actually take up to four to six weeks for his skin to react. The most common symptom of a typical scabies infection is itching and crawling feeling at random hours of the day.

As the disease does not show any other symptom for a prolonged period, it becomes quite difficult for doctors to diagnose the disease and provide proper treatment. Instead, medical practitioners may treat the patients for other skin infection such as eczema.

So if it’s just “itching and crawling feeling,” do NOT ignore it!

Treating Scabies Culprit Down

Permethrin, a chemical insecticide, was the most widely prescribed scabies treatment until recently. The chemical however has today been replaced by a much safer and natural treatment – Dr. Scabies.

Dr. Scabies is widely recommended, FDA registered, natural and homeopathic remedy that comprises of highest and safest quantity of sulfur as well as various other natural ingredients known to have great healing properties. Joined together, these ingredients ensure that the army of mites is defeated in shortest possible time while the tiny wounds are healed as well.

The best thing about this treatment is that it not only stops itching and irritation but also restricts future infestation of the scabies mites.

With over 99.9% satisfied customers worldwide, Dr. Scabies is a fast acting solution that stops the itch mite on its track and cures the disease before it worsens any further! Just make sure you get all family members treated in one go.

Dr. Scabies kills scabies completely

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