Scabies – How Soon Will I Feel Better after I get myself treated?

Even if you have completed the whole treatment and the doctor tells you there are no more mites sustaining under the skin, you will still have itching for some time.

This condition can persist for some weeks, but will gradually reduce and eventually fade away.

Such itching is felt in areas where scabies rashes were bigger and deeper. However, Dr Scabies is an effective treatment for relieving the itching. Use it for 2-3 weeks and the itching should gradually subside.

Duration of recovery

In most scabies studies, prominent symptoms like itching and rashes will show a gradual drop with effective treatment. Generally, it takes about 2-3 weeks to couple of months for complete recovery.      

The recovery period after scabies treatment is dependent on the severity of the infection. However, if scabies is detected in the early stages of contracting it and treated on time, recovery period can be reduced significantly.             

Severe Scabies Infection May Take Longer

In some cases, scabies infection may sustain on your skin even if you have completed the treatment. This is commonly noticed among people with a weak immune system.

If not noticed in time, the infection can develop into severe form called the Norwegian scabies.

With the right treatment pursued and all precautions taken, you will feel better in less than a week. But, don’t let yourself believe that the mites have gone completely. Continue the treatment for at least a month.

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