Scabies in Pregnancy: What to Know

Scabies is a contagious diseases caused by mites. The symptoms of the disease are rashes, bumpy skin, burrows and relentless itch. Scabies can occur in any age group.

Being a contagious disease, you must be wondering what it’s like to have scabies in pregnancy. Many women want to know if their scabies can pass on to their newborn babies. Or how scabies medication can affect their delivery and growth of their child?

There are no official instructions how scabies should be treated during pregnancy. The medications will be the same for a pregnant woman, but with some specific instructions.

Here we have answered all important questions related to scabies during pregnancy.

How Scabies Medicine Interacts with Your Pregnancy

Needless to say you should be careful with your scabies medication during pregnancy. The doctor should be aware in which stage of pregnancy you are at. On the basis of your pregnancy stage, the physician can prescribed special medication to treat scabies in pregnancy. The common topical medications are Crotamiton, Malathion and permethrin. However, avoid lindane and ivermecting while you’re pregnant.

Here is a break-down of common scabies medication and their effect on both mother and baby’s health.

Permethrin: Permerthrin is a safe medication for scabies affected mother. It doesn’t lead to the risks like miscarriage, birth defect and low birth weight.

Malathion: Malathion is a recommended medication for scabies in pregnancy.

Benzyl Benzoate: Benzyl kills lice and mites by affecting their nervous system. But it is safe for humans as no side effect of it has been reported yet. Avoid applying benzyl benzoate near eyes or other mucus membranes like inside nose. Don’t use it on wounds, sores and cuts.

Crotamiton: Despite being a prescribed scabies medication for pregnancy, it is less effective. The cream may cause irritation and sensation when used on the raw skin surfaces.

What Scabies Medications is recommended while you’re Breastfeeding

Pyrethrin or permethrin are recommended for scabies in breastfeeding women due to their limited absorption. Ivermectin may pass into breast milk in small amounts while lindane is not safe for young kids. The effects of Malathion on breastfeeding mothers are yet to study.

What if the Father of the Child Uses Scabies Medication

There are not studies examining the paternal exposures to scabies medications. However, most medications don’t trigger the risk like birth defects when a father uses them before or around the time of conception. However, scabies spread through prolong physical contact like sexual intercourse. So the infected partner should avoid entering into physical relationship until his or her scabies are cleared.

What Precautions Should Be Followed in Scabies During Pregnancy

As a pregnant woman or breastfeeding mother, you should be more careful with your scabies medication and lifestyle. Here are the precautions you should follow:

• Wear washed clothes and avoid sharing your belongings with other to prevent the outbreak of infection.
• The clothes should be wasted in machine separately followed by their hot drying in a dryer.
• Seal your personal items in plastic bag for a week as scabies can’t survive long without a “host”.
• Your family members should be treated as they may be infected. Besides, scabies occur after the week once the mites catch the skin.
• Follow your doctor’s guidelines regarding the usage of medications.

Bottom Line:

The medications will remain the same in pregnancy. However, pregnancy requires a person to be more careful of everything. And scabies medications are not an exception. Share all details with your doctor and take the prescribed medications. Ask the doctor even if you are going to use any OTC medications for scabies.

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