Scabies Infestation and Symptoms: It Might Take Few Weeks to Appear!

Being a contagious skin disease, scabies is said to be caused due to the infestation by the little mites. These bugs burrow inside it and form itchy bumps which might appear at the surface of the skin even weeks after. Yes, the symptoms of scabies often appear after a long time the mites have entered your body. Learn more.

Are you suffering from itching or rashes on your skin? Do you observe some bumps or burrows like structure on your skin surface? Well then there are higher chances of being infested by the 8-legged mite called Sarcoptes scabiei. And it has not been a day or two that these mites have entered your body. Yes, it could take several days or weeks to show the symptoms of the seven-year itch skin problem.

“When the doctor confirmed me about scabies, I was worried for the reason. How and when I got infested? As that time I was badly stuck with my work and for more than a week I didn’t had any time to visit anyone who could be infested with these mites. For this I just consulted my doctor. It was then that I came to know scabies symptoms can take 2 to 6 weeks to appear.”

“My youngest daughter went for school picnic two weeks. She was perfectly fine after returning from there; however, around 5 to 6 days later she suffered from intense itching throughout night. And in the morning some red rashes were present near her armpit. We rushed to the doctor and at the very first look suspected scabies. Next day I had a word with her teacher and she said there were two others suffering from the same problem. Basically, it was on their trip where these kids got infested.”

These are just few examples, you will find endless cases, where people were infested weeks before but they came to know it much later. Do you it can take up to eight weeks for the symptoms to appear after the initial infection?

Here is a list of symptoms you might observe:

Itching: It is the major symptom of scabies and often the first one to appear. Moreover, it tends to increase in the night time and after a hot bath. It might start from one place and then spreads to the other areas. So, you can itch all over. Even if you are infested with few mites, the itching can be severe. In facts, it can be felt in areas where the mites are not even present.

Scratching: It is the intense itching, which causes scratching and minor skin damage. The worst thing happens when the damaged skin becomes infected by other germs or bacteria. It simply causes a secondary skin infection and once the skin becomes infected, it turns the problem severe.

Mite tunnels: Well it is hard to detect them with naked eye. These appear as fine, dark, or silvery lines on your skin, which are generally about 2-10 mm long. Most commonly, they are said to occur in the loose skin, i.e. between the inner surface of the wrists, the fingers (the web spaces), your hands, etc. But that doesn’t mean that they cannot occur on any other part of the skin. And yes, there are chances that you might not notice the burrows until a rash or itch develops.

Rashes: Another common sign of scabies, the rash usually appears soon after the itching starts. Being typically a blotchy and lumpy red rash, it can appear anywhere on the body. Red rashes are often found on buttocks, armpits, the inside of the thighs, parts of the tummy (abdomen) and so on. Also, here it is important to note that in some cases, patient might develop unusual rashes, which can be confused with other skin conditions.

In addition, it is important to note here that it can be a problem for the pre-existing skin conditions. Hence, if you are already suffering through eczema, or psoriasis, you need to twice careful!

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