Scabies Questions You are Too Shy to Ask Your Physician

A patient is supposed to discuss openly with his physician on his health condition. As they say, never hide anything from your doctor. Right?

However, it can’t be sidelined that sometimes a patient is too shy to ask their physician. Their hesitation holds them back from knowing directions, treatment, and medication. This usually happens in case of sexual problems or when it comes to the treatment of “intimate parts”.

However, it has been found that many patients even feel embarrassed to discuss common skin conditions like scabies.

If you are one of them, here we have tried our best to answer everything you feel too shy to ask your physician. If you think your questions haven’t been covered, please mail us or drop them to the comment box.

Can I Do Handshake When I Have Scabies?

While scabies is an infectious disease, you shouldn’t feel too conscious when it comes to brief physical contacts like a handshake or hug. It won’t transmit the mites to another person.

Can I Have Sex When I have Scabies?

No. You should avoid getting intimate if you have scabies. It will make your partner vulnerable to this disease. This is because it involves long skin-to-skin contact like sexual intercourse which just alleviates the risk. In fact, it can be classified into STI or sexually transmitted infection due to its potential of spreading through sexual contact. Even using condoms won’t guarantee you protection from scabies or other diseases.

Should I bring My Sexual Partner for Scabies Diagnosis?

Definitely, you should. All household members and recent sexual partners within the past should be treated to prevent re-infestation. This is because it takes nearly six weeks for the symptoms to occur once the mites get into the skin.

Is It OK to Let Other Use My Bedding or Clothing?

No. This will spread the infection to others. Your clothes or bed sheets may have mites on them. Although they survive no longer than 2 to 3 days without the human body, they can get into the skin if someone comes into contact when they are active. Wash your clothes or bedding separately using hot water and disinfectant. Seal the non-washable clothes into a plastic bag and keep them separate for up to a week.

Do I Need Treatment If Scabies Can Go with simple OTC Medication?

Although scabies is curable with several OTC medications available at a drugstore, you should see a physician if there is no improvement. Not getting a timely treatment may lead to complications.

Can I Get Scabies from My Pet?

Animals have different scabies than human. Their scabies is known as canine scabies or mange which crawls on the human body, causing itch but it will eventually die. Although scabies mites in human can infect dogs and other pets, the mites don’t survive long. However, the animal should be treated to prevent getting “mites” to your body.

Should I Avoid Swimming as My Scabies Can Contaminate the Water?

This is not true. Swimming in public pool, even it is used by an infected person, won’t cause scabies. This is because there are nearly 10-15 mites present on the body of an infected person. The mites won’t emerge from under wet skin. At least it takes a person with a severe form of scabies like crusted scabies to catch an infection with the pool water. You can only get scabies if you use infected person’s clothes or towels or share your infected belongings with others.

We hope that this information would serve the purpose of shy scabies patients. Like we said before, you are free to ask us more questions by commenting below or via email.

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